Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: The Ultimate Guide

By Grace Cho | Updated March 25, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can help maximize your team’s sales revenue through the best-in-class intelligence tools.

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Why Do I Need Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

How can I optimize my workflow and reduce time spent on routine tasks? Which customers should I engage? What can I do to better perform as a seller?

While you may be mulling over many such questions regarding productivity and efficiency, there is one clear answer to all of these questions – harnessing digital capabilities. In particular, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales enables sellers to maximize productivity and customer engagement through predictive, AI-driven insights, allowing teams to accomplish more than ever imagined.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is part of the larger package of cloud-based applications that synergistically combines CRM and ERP applications. Through a triage of data, intelligence and application integration, you can learn more about your customers, access deeper engagement insights and ultimately accomplish more with less time, lower costs and reduced efforts.

The Sales application is multifaceted and comprehensive, so in this article, I will break down its core components and key benefits.

1. Drive up efficiency by prioritizing opportunities

In sales, prioritizing the right opportunities makes all the difference, but in practice, that is much easier said than done. Without a strong strategy coupled with tactical steps, we often fall into the trap of focusing too much on the wrong customers and not focusing enough on the more important customers.

However, by utilizing AI-driven insights in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, you can optimize your efforts by prioritizing the next best opportunities. Looking at the dashboard to guide your sales strategy, you may be able to improve close rates and accomplish more with less time and effort.

Additionally, with the intelligence provided by Aptivio, an AI and data-driven sales intelligence platform, you can uncover hidden and missed opportunities to further elevate the sales process.

2. Do more with less

Who can say no to lower costs? It’s the complex riddle that management pulls hairs trying to solve. After all, reducing costs is a key way for businesses to improve profits. By transferring the sales efforts to digital, your business can save time and money associated with travel.

Moreover, going digital liberates your team from the traditional geographical constraints. With a broadened reach, your sales team will be able to engage with more customers than would have been ever possible through traditional sales tactics alone.

Increasing revenues is also a key way for businesses to improve profits. In conjunction with Microsoft Dynamic 365’s cost-saving capabilities, Aptivio’s revenue enabling technologies will allow your team to maximize performance.

3. Improve your workflow

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a single workspace that has everything you need. You can have access to key insights, data and activities across the sales journey succinctly in one place.

Another key advantage of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is that you can integrate your other Microsoft applications into your workspace. For example, if you are utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you will be able to integrate these insights with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to best understand what customers need.

By orchestrating the sales journey in a single workspace, you will be able to leverage AI-driven insights each step of the way and reduce friction in your overall workflow.

4. Use insights to guide action

You can use real-time insights about customer engagement and sales strategy to improve communication and performance. The Conversation Intelligence automatically transcribes calls and analyzes content and sentiment to help you improve call performance. You can also tailor your conversations based on what is resonating most with customers.

Using these real-time AI-driven insights and integrated multi-channel tools, you can personalize interactions and lead more empathetic conversations. In a saturated market where multiple sellers are bombarding the same customer with trite introductions and follow-ups, Microsoft Dynamic 365’s insights will help you and your team stand apart from the other competitors.

5. Build trust with customers

For your sales strategy to be effective, there needs to be a fundamental sense of trust between you and the customer. This is because trust in you, your team and your product are ultimately what lead to conversion and retention.

With the intelligence and insights provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, building trust becomes a lot easier. With deeper knowledge about the interests and needs of each customer, you can tailor your sales strategy to maximize outcomes.


In a competitive sellers’ market, efficiency and efficacy are critical for the success of your team. Through digital applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 combined with Aptivio’s sales intelligence technology, your team can optimize workflow, improve engagement with customers and identify hidden revenue opportunities.

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