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What We Do

Get key insights from Aptivio straight from your SAP CRM

Opportunity Identification

Weekly predictions of where your buyer is in the process with a six-month timeline of buying signals

Product-centric Talking Points

Specific product/service line recommendations and targeted topic keywords tailored to the client's likely nee

Purchasing BUs

Identification of where buying decisions are made using demand and buyer signals from hundreds of BUs

Buyer Influence Mapping

Visualization of an organization's buying roles and predicts who plays what using linked jungles, decision-maker databases.

Relationship Mapping

Individuals in your network of peers and partners can help you connect without disclosing sensitive contact information

What Our Clients Say...

Aptivio is a game-changer in terms of anticipating Sustainable Finance needs of our large client base.

Sadia Halim - Managing Director, CIB North America BNP Paribas

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