Best Types of Sales Automation Teams Should Use

By Aptivio | Updated July 21, 2020

The best types of sales automation for your sales team and CRM in 2020 could be automated research, automated communication, or predictive lead scoring. For additional support and industry-specific insights, autonomous sales prospecting tools can make sales automation go even further.

What's inside this article:

What is Sales Automation?

Starting off with definitions is always a good first step. Sales automation is utilizing digital tools to manage many of the manual tasks that occupy hours of the day for salespeople. This can mean anything from automated prospecting to document management. To learn more in-depth about sales automation, read The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Automation

Automation Elevates Sales Performance

Salesautomation is an effective practice for elevating sales performance, so this is another rundown on the best types of automation that your sales team should be using. Automation enables sales teams to work more efficiently by mechanizing the time-consuming administrative work. Not only can these digital tools do it faster, it can probably do it better.

What Types of Sales Automation Are Best?

Looking more closely at the different types of sales automation shows that there's a lot of options. Autonomous sales prospecting, email automation, sales call automation, automated document management, automated communication—you get it, there is a lot to choose from.

The Best Automations Integrate into CRMs

For each sales team and industry, there is the best type of automation fit. And for every match, there is a CRM that probably makes it really easy to integrate. Think of Salesforce with Lightning Flow for business process automation and Pardot for marketing automation.

Automation Can Be Right For Your Business

With automation comes uncertainty for some. Hesitation about overwhelming adoption or total job replacement can keep sales teams from considering automation. But fear not, automation can easily be integrated into many types of businesses and teams. And in terms of outdated overreactions of automation taking jobs away from humans, this article neatly explains how automation doesn't replace jobs.

Instead, it more efficiently completes the repetitive tasks within those jobs, while still employing actual humans to more successfully do the work they're hired to do. Learn more about automation, bots, and the future of work in this blog post, too.

There's A Sales Automation Fit For Everyone

It's a misconception that sales automation is only necessary for large corporations with massive amounts of data, leads, and clients to sort through. Like finding the right CRM, small businesses can find sales automation incredibly helpful when teams are smaller and budgets are tighter. But depending on your industry or company size, different types of sales automation can lead to more effective results.

Industry Impacts Automation

The differences between industry can lead individual sales teams to different types of sales automation. Of course, there's overlap between which types of automation prove helpful as many of the types can be applied across sectors. So from enterprise software to asset management, there's the best type of automation for each.

Hidden Revenue Opportunities Found with Automated Prospecting

Automated prospecting means uncovering hidden revenue opportunities and the prospects most likely to convert. This type of sales automation can be as simple as setting a few criteria and having potential customers automatically sorted and sent to your inbox. That's a lot easier than continually sorting through long lists of leads that may only questionably be worth pursuing.

Automated Prospecting Can Be Made Better

Automated sales enablement platforms make prospecting easier through automated services. Functions like Aptivio's Market Monitor are especially useful for enterprise software companies that benefit from having intelligent profiles of target leads.

Automated Communication Management Improves Relationships

Client relationships are obviously critical for businesses. It's also one of the sales tasks that people might think is impossible to automate. But as we know, automation can elevate performance. Nothing can replace one-to-one human interaction, but we can mechanize the basic parts of connecting, delivering, and following up on sales content.

Optimized Language and Learning Builds Confidence

By combining the natural language processing of a feature like Salesforce's Einstein Language with a tool like Aptivio's Daily Briefs, sales teams can confidently know how and what to communicate with clients. Taking advantage of automations like these means expert salespeople can focus on the unique human-to-human qualities that build strong client relationships.

Expert Salespeople Get Help From Automated Communication

The smartest kind of automation will go even further to verify, leverage, and personalize the information your team sends out. This type of buyer connectivity means resolving verified direct contact info, leveraging existing relationships, and personalizing outreach. An Aptivio Sales Transformation Expert can teach you more about buyer connectivity in a demo.

A Bit About Leading Scoring

A note on scoring leads, it's a specific technique for evaluating client leads that can prove incredibly helpful in the sales process. Lead scoring can be even more influential in your business if predictive modeling is used. Instead of manual methods, predictive lead scoring uses artificial intelligence by applying machine learning techniques.

Predictive Lead Scoring Techniques Apply to Corporate Banking

Lead scoring creates evaluations that can be really helpful in the sales process. We understand how predictive lead scoring is made even better using artificial intelligence. The same kind of evaluations and techniques are critical forsuccess in corporate banking because detecting and evaluating opportunity or risk signals is important.

Opportunity Qualification Helps Global Banking

Global banking firms require reliable information for successful advances. Platforms that can perform opportunity qualifications that analyze the billions of buying signals are great for delivering this information. Opportunity qualification is an impact worthy feature that complements existing sales automation types in current CRMs like lead generation or prospecting.

Automated Research Finds Important Buying Signals

Pipeline Situational Awareness tools are incredibly useful for making both sales and marketing pipelines aware of important buying signals and external risks. This proves very helpful for investment management firms that need comprehensive market research. Some sales automation CRM tools will find publicly available information and conduct social media searches for client insights.

Alternate Data Market Research Is The Next Step

Automation services that support CRMs can go even further in automated research to do alternate data market research that processes billions of signals. M&A rumors and searches, court records, and even dark web exposure can mean the difference between being ahead and not knowing soon enough in asset management.

Improving Accuracy with Artificial Intelligence

Chances are, one of these types of sales automation sounds like a great fit for your sales team. What makes them even better? Many of the types get more intuitive because they use artificial intelligence and improve accuracy with more interaction.

Use Sales Automation for These Benefits

Just a reminder of the many benefits of automation and why we love it for enhancing productivity and sales.

Automation Remains Relevant

Automation has been and remains a key talking point for global industries. Recently, robotic process automation, or RPA, is being talked about to enhance Covid-19 response related efforts, as described in this article. Sales automation is another kind of mechanization that improves overall industry performance and the daily lives of sales teams.

Aptivio's Understanding of Best Sales Automation Types

Aptivio uses billions of company behavior data points to determine the best sales indicators for opportunities and risks. This can be one of the most influential types of sales automation for all industries. As an AI Saas for B2B seller, we at Aptivio understand what it means to use sales automation to enhance productivity and performance.

Our Aptivio Intelligent Market Monitor for Sales creates a simple dynamic digital sales playbook using artificial intelligence. It separates the important signals from the noise and discovers the complex relationships in markets that would otherwise be missed. Ready to learn more? Get started for FREE today!

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