Case Study:

How Aptivio helped BNP Paribas improve their lead generation for sales.

+15% In-Market FinTech Leads

Looking to grow efficiently in FinTech Lending and Sustainable Finance in F500, while leveraging their existing CRM investment.


Aptivio is a game-changer in terms of anticipating Sustainable Finance needs of our large client base.

Sadia Halim - Managing Director, CIB North America, BNP Paribas

Pain Points

The complexity of the FinTech market makes it impossible to detect all market demand.

Relationship Managers complain of leads received by Marketing, buyer group not sufficiently “researched”, website visit “educational”.

New Product is introduced “Green Bond”. Who do I push it to?.


Identify relevant Market Signals and Buyer Group in Sustainable Finance and FinTech Segments. Setup in 4 weeks.

Process billions of data points per day from Client Searches, Financial News/Social Media, Job Postings, CRM, etc.

Business Impact

Increase +15% In-Market Leads.

Build Confidence in the quality of leads generated by Marketing.

Increase CRM Adoption.

Ready to accelerate your sales velocity?