Case Study:

How Aptivio helped Schneider Electric increase their sales-ready and in-market leads.

+15% Sales-Ready Leads
+25% In-Market Leads

Looking to grow efficiently in the Smart Water Segment across 40 Countries, while leveraging Salesforce and Marketo investments.


Pain Points

The complexity of the water control market and the increasing number of accounts salesperson makes it impossible to detect all market demand.

Sales complains of leads received by Marketing, buyer group not sufficiently “researched”, website visit “educational”.

Marketo implementation not yielding the results expected after massive investment.


Identify relevant Market Signals and Buyer Group in Water
Sustainability Services, Setup in 4 weeks.

Process billions of data points per day from Client Searches, News, Social Media, Job Postings, Industry websites, CRM, etc.

Leverage Marketo client engagement capabilities to prioritize Accounts.

Business Impact

Increase +15% Sales-ready leads, and +25% In-Market Leads.

Build Confidence in the quality of leads generated by Marketing.

Increase Salesforce CRM adoption.

Ready to accelerate your sales velocity?