Discover Insights With Salesforce Einstein

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated November 24, 2020

Applying intelligent insights to business challenges is one of the best ways a team can start using AI in their projects. Salesforce Einstein makes setting up these smart recommendations easy—teams can even add additional AI tools like intelligent market monitors directly into CRM workspaces.

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Salesforce Brings AI to Everyone

Salesforce is known for its comprehensive CRM products and services. It's a business that has seen exponential growth and a cult-like following. Many customers agree that it lives up to its promises and delivers an unmatched experience. This includes its range of Einstein features that bring AI to everyone in a way that is both thorough and easy to use.

Einstein Is for Any Business

Salesforce Einstein introduces advanced intelligent technologies to any business, regardless of size or industry. Beyond insights powered by machine learning, it also uses natural language processing and computer vision to ensure that teams have access to the most comprehensive AI tools currently available. Einstein allows users to maximize the value of CRM information and other external data sources so that no opportunity is wasted or lost.

AI Boosts Productivity and Discovers Insights

The kinds of insights offered by Salesforce can be fully realized in Einstein Discovery. This is a feature that can boost productivity and discover relevant patterns in complex data. It tracks and learns from CRM and external data to find simple AI insights and recommendations to difficult business challenges. These are smart explanations freely available to managers and salespeople without the extra addition of a data scientist on the team.

Einstein Prediction Builder Unlocks Personalized Insights

Einstein Prediction Builder is another feature available to Salesforce customers. It can help teams predict business outcomes, like which clients are likely to renew or which invoices may not be paid on time. Models like these can be custom-built without hours of coding and can start delivering meaningful sales insights as soon as they're set up. This is the ease with which Salesforce users can set up custom tools to unlock personalized insights.

Recommendations Should Be Data-Driven

AI is best used when it's applied to business challenges that individual teams could not solve by themselves. With Einstein Next Best Action, sales teams can learn from data-driven recommendations, like lead scoring rankings based on past interactions with prospects. These insights appear directly in the sales team's workspace and salespeople can take action without ever leaving Salesforce.

Sales Insights Need Machine Learning

Salesforce customers can take advantage of Einstein's intelligence because of the particular type of AI that powers it. Machine learning is at the core of smart insights and is used in many of Einstein's features. By using the source of data from Salesforce's other CRM products, Einstein has access to the relevant information that teaches it what kind of insights are most meaningful to a sales or marketing team.

Einstein Is for Salespeople

Perhaps more than any other department, AI insights can transform what it means to accomplish work for salespeople. These employees should be allowed to focus on what they do best—selling. Not only can salespeople become more informed sellers with Einstein's insights, but they can also accomplish more high-level tasks while Einstein helps automate basic repetitive tasks. Expert salespeople shouldn't be held back by manual data entry and they also shouldn't be held back by lack of knowledge.

The Right Insights Help Manage Teams

Sales managers also benefit from Einstein's insight features. Not only do their sales teams become more well informed, but they can also gain insights about how well their team is performing given particular circumstances. When managers have access to lead and opportunity scoring metrics, they can more appropriately allocate resources and assign clients to their team. Managers can also benefit from intelligent market monitors that create simple dynamic digital sales playbooks from the billions of buying signals that matter to their salespeople.

Descriptive Analytics Is Based on Historical Data

Descriptive analytics explains what happened in the past. This is a key function of Einstein—allowing businesses to understand their current performance based on historical data. Salespeople can use it to learn from past quarters and implement different strategies. And marketing teams can use descriptive analytics to track social media performance and gain insights on client engagement.

Know What's Likely to Happen With Predictive Analytics

Salesforce describes predictive analytics as allowing businesses to predict what is likely to happen in the future by looking for patterns in the information they already have. Like descriptive analytics, access to reliable data is key. Intelligent tools require up to billions of signals to offer users valuable insights. These forecasts can help managers better allocate resources in future quarters and help salespeople better understand their target goals.

Marketing Teams Can Learn From Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics allows users to create "what if" scenarios, and extrapolate outcomes based on variables, as described by Salesforce. This can transform what marketing teams can accomplish for a single campaign. Now marketers can use Einstein Discovery to see how specific tactics may perform in future campaigns based on historic records. In turn, salespeople are set up for success with these intelligent tools because of the marketing team's contribution to the sales process.

Fully Informed Decisions Need AI

With the exponential increase in relevant data, it is impossible to make fully informed decisions without machine assistance. That's why AI tools like intelligent market monitors and Einstein's range of features are imperative to keeping businesses in the know with the most relevant insights. Salesforce describes Einstein Account Insights as offering news-related insights, like whether an account is expanding, changing company leadership, or is involved in merger and acquisition talks.

Since the insights delivered by Einstein are based on reliable CRM data, it's easy to identify significant patterns and trends. Both sales and marketing teams can use this information to better understand how their work impacts business health. Consider an expert salesperson that uses Einstein's recommendations to learn their best approaches during client renewals.

Learn How to Best Target Prospects

Like salespeople, marketers can use Einstein's insights to understand their work in a whole new way. With predictive lead scoring capabilities, marketing teams can learn how to best target prospects and create personalized materials for where ever they are in the buying cycle. These are the kinds of insights that can empower teams to make the best decisions for any business challenge.

AI-Powered Assistance Right Where It's Needed

Intelligent insights from AI-powered assistance only makes sense when it's used right where it's needed. And with so many practical examples of AI, the future of intelligence will depend on where businesses decide to adopt it. With a tool like Einstein Next Best Action, salespeople can receive data-driven recommendations directly in their existing dashboards.

Intelligent Insights for Small Teams

Small business Salesforce customers will love discovering insights on Einstein because they can do so without hiring a data scientist. Einstein's features were designed with every business in mind and that's why they're easy enough for any manager to use. Even custom prediction models can be built without hours of coding or extensive knowledge of AI. And for larger organizations with a dedicated data scientist, they can still use Einstein to supercharge their work and deliver more meaningful results with ease.

The Future of Work Is Smart

Salesforce Einstein captures what the future of work will create as the new standard. Using the right intelligent tools, any business can unlock the true value of their data to begin operating with the backing of smart insights and recommendations. When expert salespeople have access to data-driven understandings about the health of their client relationships, they can better attend to client needs and exceed expectations. That's the power of AI to augment the skills of sales and marketing teams.

Einstein's Insights Can Go Further

Salesforce Einstein offers a set of tools that allow users to unlock data-driven insights. Consider adding intelligent market monitors to the platform so that teams are best equipped to uncover hidden opportunities and target accounts in net new markets. At Aptivio we understand how to harness the power of AI tools to fuel efficient growth. Our Aptivio Intelligent Market Monitor for Sales creates simple dynamic digital sales playbooks from billions of buying signals to maximize your CRM investment.

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