The Value of Einstein Analytics

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated November 9, 2020

Einstein Analytics is the Salesforce product that adds tremendous value to your business in terms of anticipating next opportunities, exceeding client needs, creating predictive journeys, and personalizing experiences. We love this platform because it makes it easy to centralize all of the additional resources a business may need, like intelligent market monitors that analyze the billions of external data signals that can transform your current CRM.

What's inside this article:

Einstein Analytics Uses Top AI Technology

Einstein Analytics is the AI platform from Salesforce that provides unique data insights and visualizations to sales teams. Its features include Einstein Discovery, Einstein Language, and Einstein Vision which use machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to power its results. A lot has been written about Einstein Analytics and now we're focusing on the exact value it can bring to your business.

AI Can Process Billions of Data Signals

AI is a powerful technology that's showing up in every part of our lives. It's the building block that runs Einstein and other digital tools that can process billions of data signals. These are tasks that no sales team could do alone without some machine assistance. We bring this up now because AI is at the core of what makes Einstein Analytics so valuable to business teams. It's worth establishing its capabilities before moving onto the value of the exact platform.

Start With a Familiar Use Case

Depending on your department and which KPI matter most to your business, Einstein Analytics will have varying capabilities most relevant to you. Consider a marketing team most interested in conversion rates. With Einstein for Marketing, the challenge of high unsubscribe rates and low engagement to emails is remedied with Send-Time Optimization that can predict the best time to engage with a customer. This is done through training data that learns from your historic records of client information and previous engagements.

Einstein Analytics Helps Predict and Communicate

As mentioned, Einstein is a digital platform that helps sales teams accomplish more. Its intelligent features can help build custom predictive models or help decide the best language for client communication. These tools help make sense of the past while giving insights into the future. For a full understanding of where your business stands, consider adding a digital tool with pipeline situational awareness to the Einstein platform.

Einstein Analytics Adds Value

And all of this brings us to exactly what makes Einstein Analytics a valuable investment for any business. We've isolated the top reasons, listed them below, and then go into all of the relevant details. Keep in mind that Salesforce is a massive CRM with many other solutions beyond Einstein. It also allows seamless integrations of select digital tools that do even more for sales teams.

  • Anticipate next opportunities.
  • Exceed customer needs.
  • Create predictive journeys.
  • Personalize experiences.

Anticipate Next Opportunities With AI

Expert salespeople can only do so much to foresee the future. Instead of simply guessing and estimating next opportunities, Einstein offers a more concrete approach. The value of anticipating next opportunities does more for sales teams than you might think. With quantitative insights, Einstein takes advantage of all the internal and external data relevant to making business decisions.

Einstein Discovery Is an Important Feature

Einstein Discovery is the feature that helps sales teams anticipate next opportunities. Salesforce explains how it works as using statistical modeling and machine learning to identify, surface, and visualize insights into business data. It's so helpful we've listed it as one of the best features in Einstein. These kinds of insights aren't possible without a little help from machines, that's why AI shouldn't be feared—instead, embrace it and take advantage of the valuable platform.

Detect Hidden Revenue Opportunities on Einstein

Why else do we love Einstein? Because it does so much, and it also lets businesses plug in additional tools for what Einstein doesn't do. Intelligent market monitors that uncover hidden revenue opportunities can easily be added to the Salesforce dashboard. Because these market monitors focus on billions of external data points, they are uniquely equipped to deliver business insights.

Einstein Helps You Exceed Client Needs

Expert salespeople are skilled at serving clients and building positive sales relationships. When salespeople have the best tools and resources, they can do this work even better. Salesforce Einstein offers two distinct features that prove valuable in helping salespeople accomplish this. For more of an overview of the platform, read our article about Everything to Know About Salesforce Analytics in 2020.

Rank Leads on Einstein Analytics

Lead scoring is a helpful technique that saves time, takes advantage of collected data, and has the influence to change how salespeople interact with certain leads. By ranking a long list of generated leads, salespeople can quickly identify who is most likely to convert. For leads that rank lower, salespeople can anticipate what kind of questions or reservations they may have and then tailor their conversations to answer these concerns. After lead scoring, it helps to have a digital tool that offers product talking points so that salespeople know how to best engage with clients.

Streamline Customer Service With Einstein Bots

In addition to lead scoring as a means of exceeding client needs, Einstein Bots is the feature that streamlines easy customer service type concerns. Because the client's basic questions are answered with the help of natural language processing, the more complex situations can be handled by expert salespeople. Clients with concerns big and small are now satisfied, while salespeople are using all of their resources and tools to the best of their abilities. That's the power of Einstein working with the best digital tools to best serve sales teams.

Create Predictive Journeys With Einstein Analytics

AI can be one of the most valuable technologies for your business if used correctly. Tools powered by AI are distinctly equipped for processing data from past client interactions and making predictions for what may happen next. For businesses looking to streamline their workflows, increase productivity, and elevate expert salespeople, these kinds of AI tools are a must.

Build Custom AI Models

The number one tool for forecasting with Salesforce Analytics is Einstein Prediction Builder. It requires some knowledge of the kind of demographic and behavioral information that your CRM collects for set up. This bit of extra work isn't too hard though and although you'll be making custom AI models, there's no strenuous coding involved. It's the ease with which Einstein allows which is why we highly recommend it in addition to other AI digital tools.

Einstein Helps Personalize Experiences

Again and again, we have applauded Einstein Analytics for its customizable features and unique insights into businesses. The ability to personalize client experiences is invaluable for salespeople. Through natural language processing and machine learning, Einstein has created specific features that empower sales teams to personalize experiences for clients. This extra attention to detail is what sets Einstein and intelligent market monitors apart from other AI solutions.

Identify Client Intent With Einstein Language

Salespeople no longer have to waste time decoding client requests and inquiries. With Einstein Language, those types of communication can be effortlessly sorted to the proper departments. This is especially important for larger companies that receive an influx of messaging that would otherwise be incredibly difficult to keep up with. Salesforce is particularly equipped for managing this and with the ability to include additional AI tools, means sales teams can get the most out of Einstein and AI.

Choose Your Next Best Action

The other feature that helps sales teams personalize experiences for clients is Einstein Next Best Action. With context-specific recommendations, salespeople receive the most up to date and relevant suggestions that are powered by data-driven methods. To maximize this personalized experience, consider adopting an intelligent market monitor that can transform your Salesforce CRM into a digital sales machine. Now salespeople have the value of both Einstein and the best digital tools to personalize client experience.

Why Einstein and No Other?

Why have we focused on Einstein and no other? Because it's worth this deep-dive exploration for a platform that consistently ranks in the top 10 best data analytics and BI platforms and tools. Einstein's hold at the intersection of Salesforce products and additional AI tools is incredibly valuable for sales teams that are looking to maximize their CRM investment.

Value for Small Business and Enterprise

Not only is Einstein's seamless integrations attractive, but we also love it because it adds value to every team. From small business to enterprise-level organizations, there's an Einstein fit. For example, Einstein Language is best suited for large teams that have to sort through overwhelming amounts of messages. And for small businesses, Einstein Discovery offers the ability to comprehensively reflect on current actions and their implications. Businesses of any size can also find value in intelligent market monitors that detect hidden revenue opportunities and leads most likely to convert in new markets ahead of the competition.

Maximize Einstein's Value With This Addition

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