Everything Salesforce AI Can Do in 2020

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated October 30, 2020

Salesforce AI offers a comprehensive set of intelligent tools to its CRM customers that allows them to harness the power of data-driven insights and custom predictive models. Businesses should also equip their teams with dynamic digital sales playbooks to fully realize the value of AI technology.

What's inside this article:

  • Salesforce AI Is Found on Einstein
  • Data-Driven Prioritization on Einstein Discovery
  • Actionable Recommendations Are Key
  • Salesforce AI Keeps Teams up to Date
  • Focus on Complex Client Situations
  • Don't Undervalue Ethical AI
  • Intelligent Tools Are the Future of Work

AI on the Mind for the Future of Work

Remote teams and career transitions are the new normal—what industries decide to do with technology now matters for what comes next. In times of uncertainty, AI remains in our thoughts about the future of work. As a popular CRM, Salesforce has become an AI leader in cloud-based software. As these intelligent features become increasingly popular, customers continue to reap the benefits of these advanced tools seamlessly integrated into workflows.

Salesforce AI Is Found on Einstein

Salesforce Einstein offers a comprehensive set of AI tools to Sales Cloud customers. It uses AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to power a range of tools that improve the standard CRM experience. Salesforce AI also makes it easy to work with additional intelligent features like opportunity research tools that operate directly in the Salesforce dashboard. This means that any business can maximize their Salesforce investment to get the most value out of AI.

Machine Learning Requires Human Intelligence

Machine learning powers much of what Salesforce AI can do in 2020. Many of Einstein's most valuable features use machine learning in some way. If the thought of digital tools learning on their own gives pause, fear not. Humans are integral to machine learning processes and people remain at the core of what makes AI relevant today.

Intelligent Recommendations From Salesforce AI

Salesforce boasts about increased productivity and meaningful data insights with Einstein Discovery. This is a feature that can find essential patterns in a business's data and then offer recommendations to the team. These suggestions are based on data sources already stored on the CRM platform—a big plus for Salesforce AI. These smart insights are made even more comprehensive when an intelligent market monitor is added to help analyze the billions of external signals not otherwise found through Salesforce.

Data-Driven Prioritization on Einstein Discovery

Before moving on to what else Salesforce AI can do, a deep dive into what Einstein Discovery offers is helpful. Consider a sales team wanting to predict the time to close on their active deals. With Einstein Discovery they can use sales data to do so and then more accurately arrange their resources and focus accordingly. This avoids prioritization challenges that may impede successful deals.

Salesforce AI Makes Meaningful Predictions

After data insights and recommendations, Salesforce AI is well equipped to help any team build custom models to predict relevant business outcomes. Einstein Prediction Builder embodies the Salesforce notion of "AI for everyone" as these models are easy to build and do not require hours of coding. Instead, any Salesforce admin can use the feature as long as they have a familiar knowledge of their data sources and an end goal in mind. To ensure that these models are getting the full picture, an external opportunity identification tool can be added to the Salesforce dashboard.

Einstein Prediction Builder Uses Past Data

As we go over everything Salesforce AI can do in 2020, you'll realize that data begins the intelligent process in many of these examples. For Einstein Prediction Builder, teams can use data of past marketing tactics to predict lead generation per tactic. Marketing teams can move forward with this knowledge and make better business decisions in the future.

Actionable Recommendations Are Key

Rounding out the machine learning features brought to users by Salesforce AI is Einstein Next Best Action. Similar to the previous features, this one delivers intelligent recommendations for teams so that they can accomplish more. For AI to positively influence a business it has to offer value to the team. When this Einstein feature is used with the right intelligent market monitor, team members receive actionable recommendations at the point of impact.

Salesforce AI Knows When to Follow Up

Why are actionable recommendations so valuable? Because they deliver data-driven insights at the right time. Salesforce uses an example of a sales team following up with clients to renew contracts before they expire. With the help of Salesforce AI in Einstein Next Best Action, workflows can be set up to easily send out reminders to clients.

Know What to Say and When to Say It

Along with machine learning, Salesforce AI taps into natural language processing to offer the best tools to customers. From Siri to Google Translate, everyone has encountered this AI technology. In Einstein, businesses can use it to better understand their clients and more quickly tend to their needs. Knowing when to reach out to clients is just as important as knowing what to say—businesses can do both with the right intelligent digital tools.

Intelligently Engage Clients

Einstein Language is one of the go-to natural language processing tools from Salesforce AI. Regardless of language, this feature can identify a client's intent and sentiment from their messaging which makes it easier to sort through for teams. This is ideal for responding to requests and following up with inquiries. AI tools that present product talking points are perfect compliments to Einstein Language.

Salesforce AI Keeps Teams up to Date

The use case for Einstein Language is probably a familiar situation. Salesforce describes a customer service team wanting to keep new hires up to date with how to engage with clients based on their previous interactions with the business. This is easily remedied by Salesforce AI as it holds information from past encounters and can recommend the next best approach. Because client satisfaction is a priority for many businesses, this knowledge about how to engage is incredibly valuable for best serving clients.

Set up Bots With Salesforce AI

The complement to Einstein Language is Einstein Bots. It's the Salesforce AI feature where a business can set up custom chatbots to efficiently connect clients with the quick information they desire. It's listed as one of the best features in Einstein because it adds value to both employees and clients. Team members can focus on high-value tasks and clients can instantly have their basic questions answered.

Focus on Complex Client Situations

The transition of low-value tasks to high-value tasks should not be overlooked. Consider a team overwhelmed with inquiries and concerned about long wait times. With some initial set up, Einstein Bots can be deployed to leverage self-service for clients with simple questions. Now the team can focus on more complex client interactions—a perfect example of how equipping teams with the best digital tools yields positive results.

Salesforce AI Leverages Computer Vision

With machine learning and natural language processing, Salesforce AI also offers customers insights with computer vision. This field of AI realizes the potential of visual pattern identification and image-based digital processing. For a larger overview of how computer vision applies to CRM users, read the Total Guide to Salesforce AI.

Einstein Vision Sees Your Business

Einstein Vision allows businesses to more comprehensively understand where they are online. Intelligent image identification can find where visual content related to a business comes up on social media and other areas of the internet. External data sources like this are critical for businesses to accurately analyze their ability for growth.

Salesforce AI Means a High-Value Transition

Imagine a marketing team that spends hours of manual effort to sort through and tag related images to their content library. Instead, the team could train Einstein Vision to continue the tagging efforts and more efficiently spend their time on high-value tasks that only they can accomplish. This is an example of where Salesforce AI's perfectly demonstrates its positive influence on standard workflows. Likewise, the best intelligent tools can explain their exact value with personalized ROI analysis for their services.

Don't Undervalue Ethical AI

Concluding this exploration into everything Salesforce AI can do in 2020, we must bring up the concept of ethical AI. From racial bias to gender gaps, the latest technologies uphold a standard of ethics. Salesforce has committed itself to responsible AI, accessible to everyone. And out of all the intelligent features it offers to customers, we're most impressed by this.

Intelligent Tools Are the Future of Work

Everything Salesforce AI can do in 2020 is a testament to the current standards and the future of work. At Aptivio we understand how to harness the power of intelligent tools to fuel efficient growth. Our Aptivio Intelligent Market Monitor for Sales creates simple dynamic digital sales playbooks from billions of external signals to transform the Salesforce dashboard.

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