Everything to Know About Salesforce Analytics in 2020

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated November 20, 2020

Salesforce Analytics is the smart solution for analyzing and visualizing complex data to offer meaningful business insights. To make these data insights go even further, Salesforce users can pair their CRM with intelligent market monitors that create simple dynamic digital sales playbooks.

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What Is Salesforce Analytics?

Salesforce is known for adding new products and services every year. Since introducing Einstein in 2017, AI is their new standard for analytical solutions that help make sense of even the most complex data. As AI software, Einstein can analyze complex and large data to visualize Salesforce activity. It's another tool that offers additional insights into the health of a business.

How Does Salesforce Analytics Work?

Like other AI tools, Salesforce Analytics relies on quality data to create meaningful insights. Salesforce Analytics takes advantage of automation, machine learning, and natural language processing to offer the most relevant results to a business. It takes the demographic and behavioral data already collected through CRM and puts it to work.

Salesforce and Tableau Is a Big Deal

Salesforce offers different analytical solutions depending on what exactly a business is looking for. Tableau, the popular analytics platform, seamlessly works with other Salesforce products since coming together in 2019. Businesses can use Tableau to go beyond CRM to learn from clear interactive data visualizations that offer the best analytical insights. There are other digital tools like intelligent market monitors that also work directly in Salesforce products to offer additional insights beyond the standard CRM experience.

Salesforce Features That Elevate the Sales Process

Salesforce takes analytics to the next level because it offers special AI features that further elevate the sales process. These features are overviewed in the following sections and more deeply explored for what makes them so relevant to business. Tools that seamlessly integrate into CRM and offer additional sales insights can mean all the difference when creating sales goals and serving satisfied clients.

Data Science Without a Data Scientist

Not every sales team has a data scientist, but with Einstein Discovery any team member can still unlock all the important explanations and recommendations based on relevant data sources. Understanding how specific actions affect performance is key to creating a successful sales process, AI sales tools can help do so. This is where Salesforce Analytics shines—creating clear data visualizations to produce business-driving analytical insights.

Clicks Away From Custom AI Models

Creating custom AI models has never been easier with Einstein Prediction Builder. In a few clicks, managers can receive accurate predictions on business outcomes that are relevant to sales teams. Churn risk and lifetime value are some of the key predictions that can be created in this Salesforce Analytics feature. This helps salespeople anticipate client journeys and makes sales forecasting easier.

Next Best Actions on Einstein

What is AI good for if not for processing complex data and recommending what to do with it? That's what Einstein Next Best Action is perfect for—suggesting the strategies, models, and automation processes that could best serve the sales process. Add on other AI tools that perform extra situational awareness processing and your CRM will be transformed.

Add on More Salesforce Analytics Features

Other features from Salesforce Analytics include Einstein Language, Einstein Bots, and Einstein Vision. These use natural language processing and computer vision to take advantage of what AI can do for the sales process. Read more about the features of Salesforce Einstein The Best Features in Salesforce Einstein.

Salesforce Analytics Offers Benefits to Any Business

Now, what are the benefits of smart analytical solutions? As with other highly rated AI-powered software, Salesforce Analytics offers intelligence with ease. The advantages can be broken down into three parts—client experience, sales process, and team management. These three key areas are directly benefited from Salesforce Analytics.

  • Centralize client information.
  • Engage community.
  • Better account planning.
  • Discover insights.
  • More effective selling.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Efficiently manage time.
  • Collaborate as a team.

Best Serve Clients With Salesforce

At the core of a successful sales process is satisfied clients. With solutions from Salesforce Analytics, a business is focusing on what it means to anticipate and exceed client expectations through data-driven analytics. Because client information is centralized, nothing falls through or gets missed along the sales process. Plus, additional AI tools can allow enterprises to better interact with clients through their CRM system and uncover hidden revenue opportunities.

Salesforce Analytics Equips Salespeople

After serving clients, ensuring that salespeople have the best tools is the next advantage of tools like Salesforce Analytics. Key insights mean better account planning and more informed selling. All of the data collected by Salesforce might as well be put to good use. With machine learning capabilities, these intelligent tools can discover the kind of insights most helpful to a business and salespeople.

Manage Teams With Salesforce Analytics

The final grouping of benefits from Salesforce Analytics is the team management advantage. Increased productivity, more efficient time management, and better team collaboration are all made accessible with these intelligent features. CRMs are already an invaluable resource for your business, with Einstein it can also become super helpful for tracking salespeople and staying up to date with clients. Adding Einstein with an intelligent market monitor into the sales process can transform CRM into a digital sales machine.

When to Use Salesforce Analytics?

Knowing when to advance from a basic CRM platform to more intelligent tools like AI analytics isn't that hard of a question. From small business to enterprise, Salesforce Analytics offers tailor-made services based on size and industry. So the question of when to use intelligent analytics comes down to when a business is ready to take the next step in elevating the sales process.

The Value of Salesforce Analytics Explained

Let's move into the value of Salesforce Analytics—this is how it truly helps a business. Like other AI-powered tools, these analytical tools have intelligent features that offer meaningful insights created by relevant data. But what can it do? The following sections focus on how it anticipates next opportunities, exceeds customer needs, and creates predictive journeys.

#1: Salesforce Anticipates Next Opportunities

Because Salesforce Analytics uses AI to power its analyses, it can get smarter at anticipating what's next. It's listed as one of the top reasons to consider Einstein because of how valuable it can be. To go even further, look into adding an intelligent market monitor that can uncover hidden revenue opportunities and prospects most likely to convert.

#2: Salesforce Analytics Helps Exceed Clients' Expectations

The power of Salesforce Analytics is its ability to track and analyze data to deliver meaningful insights. This extends to realizing what customer needs might come up next based on previous sales relationships. And with predictive lead scoring features, the analytical tools can rank potential clients which means teams can deliver targeted messaging based on wherever clients are in the sales process. Couple these Salesforce features with other AI tools that process the relevant external data points that otherwise are overlooked to ensure that teams have the best information to serve clients.

#3: Make Sales Forecasting Easier with AI Analytics

Salesforce Analytics is particularly well equipped to create predictive journeys for clients. Salespeople can use this to offer related content and information to new clients in anticipation of where they are in the sales process. Predictive journeys also become incredibly valuable in sales forecasting. Now sales teams can make more accurate calculations based on both quantitative and qualitative data.

Bringing AI Into Business Is Seamless

Questions about AI and the future of work always appear to be looming. In reality, AI is already here and helping. So if thoughts about how to bring AI into business come up, just look at the standard CRM. Whether it's Salesforce or Dynamics 365 or Oracle CX Sales, AI is just one digital sales tool away from improving the sales process.

Is Salesforce Analytics Any Good?

Since Einstein debuted in 2017, there have been countless reviews of Salesforce Analytics and most of them are incredibly positive. This overview is no different, it remains one of the most adept Salesforce products in terms of usability and value. It's not without its gaps though, for a full picture of the current status of sales, consider an intelligent market monitor that processes the billions of external data points that can mean the difference to a business.

Add More AI Tools Into the Sales Process

Salesforce Analytics is the additional AI software that offers meaningful insights for sales teams. Augmenting teams with the best products and tools possible is what progress is all about. Just because it's AI, doesn't mean robots can do the job of emotionally intelligent humans. Einstein analytics and other advanced digital sales playbooks give expert salespeople all the tools they need to succeed.

Salesforce Analytics Can Go Further

Salesforce Analytics offers a set of tools that allow CRM to go further. Consider adding intelligent market monitors to the platform so that your team is best equipped to uncover hidden opportunities and target accounts in net new markets. At Aptivio we understand how to harness the power of AI tools to fuel efficient growth. Our Aptivio Intelligent Market Monitor for Sales creates simple dynamic digital sales playbooks from billions of buying signals to maximize your CRM investment.

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