Features for Salespeople in Salesforce Einstein

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated November 3, 2020

These top six Salesforce Einstein features can unlock salespeople's potential to refocus their attention on high-value tasks and sell with the most accurate intelligent insights. Offering simple dynamic sales playbooks created by billions of buying signals can also best equip salespeople to successfully engage with clients.

What's inside this article:

Salespeople Need the Best Sales Tools

Sales teams are an important part of any business—there's even a lot written about the best strategies for recruiting better salespeople. Expert salespeople are skilled in forming positive client relationships that cultivate meaningful opportunities for everyone. Unfortunately, most salespeople are consumed with low-value obligatory tasks like data-entry and simple researching. But when salespeople have the best sales tools, they can maximize their time and accomplish their best work.

Salesforce Einstein Is an Intelligent Platform

One of the ways salespeople can break free from repetitive work is by using an intelligent platform like Salesforce Einstein. As a Salesforce product, Einstein offers everything users appreciate about the CRM with the added bonus of AI. Users can also search through the AppExchange marketplace to add extra capabilities that are specific to an industry or business challenge. This allows for any sales team to customize their AI CRM experience.

Learn the Top Six Features for Salespeople

As this article explores the different Salesforce Einstein features for salespeople, the attention to detail to these intelligent tools can be appreciated. Each is designed to bring AI to everyone, thus breaking down the barriers smaller businesses may face when considering more complex technologies. For a more comprehensive overview of AI in the popular CRM, read Everything to Know About Salesforce Einstein.

  • Einstein Automated Contact
  • Einstein Lead Scoring
  • Einstein Opportunity Insights
  • Einstein Sales Analytics
  • Einstein Forecasting
  • Einstein Account Insights

Feature #1: Start With Sales Automation

Sales automation can be a great start for integrating intelligent processes into a business. With a feature like Einstein Automated Contact, salespeople can worry less about the manual input of information and instead focus on the high-value tasks that only they can accomplish. Salesforce describes this feature as automatically adding new contacts and events to CRMs. This is the kind of sales automation that best equips salespeople to perform their most successful work.

Feature #2: Lead Scoring Prioritizes Resources

After automation, another intelligent process that businesses value is predictive lead scoring. The best features in Salesforce Einstein are the ones that allow salespeople to more appropriately manage their time based on intelligent insights. Einstein Lead Scoring ranks the leads most likely to convert, thus helping prioritize where salespeople should focus their energy first.

Feature #3: Use Intelligent Opportunity Insights

Salespeople receive a data-driven understanding when they use features like Einstein Opportunity Insights. By observing key developments, Einstein creates dashboards related to emerging opportunities. This prepares salespeople with a more robust awareness of what's going on in the sales process. Digital tools that go further to uncover hidden opportunities are an excellent complement to this feature.

Feature #4: Receive the Right Insights at the Right Time

Sales Analytics from Einstein means salespeople get instant visibility into historical pipeline information, business trends, and other relevant information. This is a great feature when it comes to ensuring salespeople have all the right insights at the right time. Salesforce makes it easy to connect with other digital tools that can add even more depth to these analyses.

Feature #5: Data-Driven Forecast Help Predict What's Next

What is AI good for if not to present data-driven forecasts? With Einstein Forecasting, salespeople can more easily predict sales forecasts on Salesforce. This is specifically helpful for managers who need to stay up to date on quotas and the progress of sales teams. Dynamic digital sales playbooks are particularly helpful in aiding salespeople reach their goals.

Feature #6: Stay up to Date on Key Account Developments

The final intelligent feature recommended for salespeople is Einstein Account Insights. Similar to Einstein Opportunity Insights, this feature allows salespeople to observe key developments and create dashboards related to their accounts. For more information about AI observations read Discover Insights With Salesforce Einstein.

Does Salesforce Einstein Need Data?

For every feature described above, there may be certain conditions so that the tools can be used most accurately and present the most relevant information to salespeople. This may include which Salesforce products users pay for or what type of data is available. For example, to use Einstein Account Insights, users must have at least 30 business accounts. Or for Sales Analytics, there are no data requirements, but there are user-specific requirements like browser or device capability.

Know The Information Needed

Many of the features have a minimum data requirement. Einstein Lead Scoring needs at least 1,000 lead records created with at least 120 of those converted in the last 6 months. This makes sense considering reliable data is what teaches these intelligent features how to work. As reviewed in other articles, Salesforce Einstein uses technology like machine learning to understand data and continue to present relevant insights.

Uncover Hidden Insights With External Data

The internal client data stored on CRM is relevant—it's what makes these platforms integral to business. But for deeper insights, external data may prove even more valuable. This information may include data on a business's suppliers, partners, or larger market trends. There are intelligent digital tools that focus on this external data to deliver the most accurate insights for salespeople.

Salesforce Einstein Helps Improve Critical KPIs

For every Salesforce Einstein feature, there is a relevant use case that supports why these tools are ideal for salespeople. Three of the most compelling use cases that each achieve a different KPI metric are reviewed below. Of these examples, each one will demonstrate either opportunity to win ratio, forecast accuracy, or salesperson productivity.

Use Case #1: Predict When an Opportunity Will Close

Consider a sales team facing the challenge of scoring opportunities and prioritizing resources with a limited understanding of the key adoption metric relevant to their deals. For a sales team concerned with the opportunity to win ratio, a prediction on the time to close each active deal can prove pertinent. Using Einstein features, this sales team can use data-driven insights to predict if and when an opportunity will close. Now the team can more easily distribute their resources and best attend to their clients.

Use Case #2: Extract Relevant Selling Insights

As mentioned with Einstein Forecasting, being able to more accurately predict what can happen next could be incredibly helpful to sales managers. Imagine a company that uses several different techniques for maintaining and visualizing data, instead of centralizing information through their CRM. The lack of clarity and continuity eventually leads them to Salesforce products that use machine learning to keep track of data and also extract relevant insights for selling.

Use Case #3: Increase Productivity With Sales Automation

The final relevant use case is about Einstein's capabilities for sales automation. When there are no standardized business processes, inefficiencies are bound to arise. Everything from opportunity identification to data capture is at risk of being duplicated or otherwise incorrectly completed. Instead, a sales team could be using automated sales processes to ensure that all important tasks are finished— all while salespeople can focus on the more meaningful job of working with clients.

Expert Salespeople Use the Best Tools

After reviewing all of the best features for salespeople in Salesforce Einstein, an overall theme emerges. When salespeople have the right sales tools, they can accomplish their best work. This means a transformation from low-value to high-value tasks that only expert salespeople can accomplish. When Einstein can automate data collection and present insightful recommendations, salespeople can continue to build positive client relationships.

Unlock Salesforce Einstein for Salespeople

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