How Salesforce AI Can Work for Your Business

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated November 5, 2020

Salesforce AI can help businesses activate automation, learn from intelligent insights, and better engage with clients. For sales teams looking towards the future of work, consider using intelligent market monitors that maximize CRM investments.

What's inside this article:

Salesforce AI Powers Einstein Analytics

Einstein Analytics is the range of digital tools powered by Salesforce AI. Its features are intended to offer intelligent insights through machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. Salesforce has dedicated valuable resources to developing these tools, which signals AI as the future of work. In addition to in-house features, Salesforce allows for external tools to be added into their dashboard for the maximum benefit of AI capabilities.

Improve Through Automation, Insights, and Engagement

There are three main accomplishments of what Salesforce AI can do for a business. These are areas in which AI can improve a business's current practices. Through automation, insights, and engagement, Salesforce AI can best equip businesses for intelligent work. When teams have the right tools available, they can perform their best work.

#1: Reimage Work With Automation

Automation is a basic way to implement AI into current workflows. If a business is just starting to use Salesforce AI, consider beginning with an examination of what tasks and procedures could be reimagined with automated processes. Take a close look at the sales team—salespeople are regularly tied to finishing repetitive data-entry tasks that steal hours from the week. Instead, that responsibility could be automated to allow salespeople to focus on high-value assignments like developing positive client relationships.

Machine Learning Can Identify Automation Opportunities

One of the best Salesforce AI features for automation is Einstein Next Best Action. Using machine learning technology, businesses can easily use past data to predict future outcomes. This includes the option to activate automation processes that Einstein can identify after learning more from the data. As mentioned, sales teams are poised to benefit from automated practices and Salesforce makes it easy to plug in additional digital tools that can elevate the sales process.

#2: Receive Intelligent Insights at the Right Time

Salesforce AI was made to give the smartest insights to business teams at the exact moment they need it. Many of Einstein's features use machine learning to make sense of past data and use it to make recommendations in the moment and predictions about what may happen next. For a deeper look at the intelligent tools available to Salesforce customers, check out this list of the most important AI features on Einstein.

Building Custom AI Models Isn't Difficult

One of the most valuable tools is the Einstein Prediction Builder. This is where Salesforce AI delivers on everything it promises. A team can use this feature to make sense of past data by building custom AI models in a matter of clicks instead of coding for hours. Specifically for sales teams, models can be built to predict the propensity to buy or the likelihood of a zip code having business opportunities.

#3: Engagement Starts With The Right Tools

The final major accomplishment of what Salesforce AI can do for a business is how it helps engage both employees and clients. It's shown again and again that when teams have the best tools, they perform their best work. That's why when salespeople have simple digital sales playbooks built upon billions of external signals, they can achieve their most informed selling. Likewise, when teams can work from a clearly defined set of target accounts in net new markets, clients are getting tailored made information that best suits their needs.

Natural Language Processing Helps Build Relationships

Two of the best features for engaging others are Einstein Language and Einstein Bots. Both are powered by natural language processing to unlock the underlying intent of messages and accurately convey a company's communications. AI will never replace the authenticity of human interactions, but it can act as another digital tool to help us build these relationships.

Salesforce AI Works for Every Department

How else can Salesforce AI work for a business? Here's a breakdown by the specific departments within an organization. From marketing to finance, there are intelligent features that can improve the work experience for teams. Learn more about the technology that powers these tools in the Total Guide to Salesforce AI.

Marketing Teams Should Use Salesforce AI

Up first are the marketing teams interested in maximizing their CRM experience. Salesforce AI powers features like Einstein Discovery and Einstein Vision so that marketers receive predictive insights based on past campaign engagements and online conversations. This allows marketing teams to target messaging to specific segments and ultimately engage in a more meaningful manner with clients.

Salesforce AI Means Focusing on High-Value Tasks

After marketing, it's worth exploring how Salesforce AI best equips salespeople to accomplish their most successful selling. Buying signals are never missed with alerts to key account changes and opportunities. And salespeople can focus on high-value tasks with sales automation processes activated through Einstein Next Best Action. Salesforce even partners with intelligent market monitors to act as the ultimate AI sales assistant.

Customer Satisfaction Is a Priority

The success of any business is tied to how effectively they serve their clients. Good service is important, and Salesforce AI helps us get there. Both Einstein Language and Einstein Bots are intelligent tools that learn the best way to communicate the right information to clients at the right time. Start using these features and there could be a noticeable improvement in customer satisfaction through CSAT scoring metrics.

Salesforce AI Best Equips Finance Teams

Finally, a look at finance teams that have the option to use Salesforce AI for analyzing historic records to make data-driven forecasts. Salesforce uses an example of a collections department that wants to predict how many payments will be received in the future to measure the overall health of the business. This is best done with Einstein Discovery as it uses machine learning to intelligently analyze past data to predict relevant business outcomes. When making any AI investments for finance teams, it's important to know the effort will count—for teams considering external market monitors, free ROI analysis customized to any business is available.

Small Businesses Get More Done With Salesforce AI

After reviewing the three main values of Salesforce AI and how they're applied in four different departments within any given business, let's focus on small businesses. AI gets hyped up as an advanced technology which may lead some to think it's too expensive or complicated to consider for smaller teams. Instead, consider how Einstein Analytics can assist these small teams. While Salesforce AI is automating processes and identifying opportunities for salespeople, employees can more efficiently accomplish high-value tasks.

Do More on Small Teams

On the topic of small businesses, it's important to acknowledge that the value of Salesforce AI isn't exclusively in the hands of data scientists. For smaller teams on a budget, Salesforce AI could be the best investment to unlocking data science insights. As described, intelligent features like Einstein Prediction Builder can be set up with basic knowledge of the data and without hours of coding.

Intelligently Fuel Efficient Growth

For small businesses that want to fuel efficient growth, Salesforce AI and other intelligent tools may be the best way to do so. As mentioned, these features help teams accomplish more high-value tasks so that they may perform their best work. Specifically for salespeople, when they have intelligent market monitors they have access to a simple, yet dynamic digital sales playbook that superchargers the prospecting processes.

Salesforce AI Remains the Future of Work

Questions about the future of work now include considerations for remote work. Is this the new normal? Where are teams most productive? As time goes on and businesses decide this for themselves, it's accepted that regardless of where everyone is, there will still be a need for the best tools and technologies.

Salesforce AI Does More

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