How to Bring AI Into Your Business

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated October 31, 2020

One of the easiest ways to bring AI into your business is through your current CRM—think of how simple it is to add Einstein to your Salesforce Analytics dashboard. Intelligent market monitors are another way to quickly and efficiently add AI to the sales process.

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Using AI Is Easier Than You Think

From auto-fill texts to self-driving cars, we've all come across AI at some point. But how does it affect salespeople or the day to day of work? Bringing AI into your business is probably easier than you think if you haven't already done so. And if you're a Salesforce Einstein user, you're on your way to maximizing your AI investment.

Salesforce Einstein Brings in AI

Einstein is the Salesforce product that brings AI into your business. Its features include Einstein Discovery, Einstein Language, and Einstein Vision. Each is powered by different fields of AI, including machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. We're so excited about Einstein because of the immense value it offers businesses and because it allows for seamless integrations of additional digital tools that can transform CRMs into digital sales machines.

Salesforce Analytics Is Dedicated to Business

What makes Salesforce Einstein stand out? Namely, its use of AI and its incredible ease. Salesforce is routinely listed as one of the best CRM software and for good reason. Einstein is the dedicated platform to AI technologies specifically for businesses wanting to take advantage of its data processing capabilities.

Start With Conversations About AI

The simple steps to bringing AI into your business starts with having team conversations. Specifically for sales teams, this is a critical point to consider the needs of salespeople. When they have the best resources and tools, they can perform their best work.

Identify Problems That AI Can Solve

In these initial conversations, focus on identifying the problems you'd like to solve with AI. Maybe there are points in the sales process that can be streamlined or maybe salespeople need help sorting through overwhelming amounts of client information to make accurate sales predictions. By taking a step back to overview the operation, you see where AI may best fit for the team. Adding additional AI tools straight into your CRM is a simple solution that likely applies to many businesses.

Remember These Tools Can Help Salespeople

Again, center these exploratory conversations on the salespeople who will likely interact and benefit most from AI. Specifically looking at Einstein, its features are made to help salespeople accomplish their best work. They can close more deals as Einstein automates the busy work that usually steals hours from the week. Salesforce boasts about increased win rates by prioritizing leads and opportunities most likely to convert—plus, with an intelligent market monitor external buying signals are never missed.

Learn What Features Are Powered by AI

Once AI solutions are on the table, take a deeper dive into its features. What exactly can they do? And how do they work? We've broken down the three major fields of AI to learn more about how they work and why they power such useful tools for sales teams.

Salesforce Einstein Uses Machine Learning

Machine learning quickly comes up in conversations about AI. Focusing on Salesforce Analytics, it powers features such as Einstein Discovery, Einstein Prediction Builder, and Einstein Next Best Action. The more you use these tools, the more intelligent they get about your preferences and recommendations. Active learning features like this is what sets AI apart from other digital tools.

Find the Right Words With Natural Language Processing

When it comes to AI that talks, natural language processing is what makes it work. Again looking at Salesforce Analytics, natural language processing is what makes Einstein Language and Einstein Bots so helpful in communicating with clients. Sales teams can perfect their client communication and with external AI tools that plugin directly into the Salesforce dashboard, they can also stay up to date on relevant client topics and concerns. Now salespeople can know exactly what to say and how to say it.

See More With Computer Vision

The final field of AI that we bring up is computer vision. This is the AI field that learns to interpret and understand visuals. Salesforce Analytics uses it to power Einstein Vision. With this feature, businesses can more easily sort through and process visual data that may benefit their business. That's what we love about AI—the capability to quickly process relevant data that would otherwise be overwhelming without machine assistance.

The Benefits of AI Are Valuable

Okay, so we understand the AI fundamentals that power the tools that we can bring into our business. Now let's consider the benefits of bringing in AI to engage clients, streamline workflows, increase productivity. We'll go over the top two people who benefit from AI and for a more comprehensive list, check out The Benefits of Salesforce Einstein.

Exceed Client Expectations

At the core of any successful sales process is the commitment to serving clients and their needs. Bringing AI into your business helps you do so. AI tools that offer insights like opportunity identification, product talking points, or buyer influence maps are tools that ultimately create a better client experience. When sales teams can more clearly understand their client's needs and concerns, they can create custom experiences that exceed their expectations.

Equip Salespeople With the Best Tools

Hand in hand with clients are the salespeople who build the positive relationships that make a business stand out. As mentioned, when salespeople have the best resources and tools, they can engage clients at new levels that elevate the experience for everyone. One of the quickest ways to bring in AI into sales teams in through your CRM, many of which offer seamless integrations for intelligent features.

Don't Forget About Seamless Integrations

Why keep mentioning the ability to integrate? Because the perfect, most intelligent AI tools aren't worth much if they don't easily fit into your workflows. That's why we've focused on the Einstein platform because it effortlessly belongs in the Salesforce dashboard. If you use another CRM like Microsoft 365 Dynamics or Oracle Cloud, you can still take advantage of AI tools that seamlessly integrate directly into your system.

AI Tools Should Be Easy to Add-In

Beyond CRMs that already include AI technology, let's consider the AI tools that are easy add-ons to your current CRM. For example, intelligent market monitors offer unique insights and act as digital sales assistants with external signals and action cards at point-of-impact. This means that they process billions of relevant data points to present relevant recommendations to sales teams. Combining the power of platforms like Salesforce Einstein with easy add-on tools like this is a sure way to supercharge your CRM.

Take the Time to Customize

We have some final suggestions to keep in mind when bringing AI into your business. First, take the time to customize the tools. This requires some familiar knowledge with the kind of demographic and behavioral information your business collects. Einstein makes this kind of customization easy with the option to build unique predictive models in a matter of clicks instead of lengthy code.

Reassess and Readjust Your Work

The next suggestion is to embrace the option of reassessing and readjusting your AI plan. Take these steps and work on how to bring AI into your business but dedicate some time to take a moment and grade yourself on how everything is going. Have the problems you identified any better after adding AI tools to your chosen CRM? It may take further development to perfect your AI adoption, but once you do it'll be worth it.

AI Isn't a Mystery

If you haven't already adopted AI or automation processes into your business, it may be because the whole idea seems overwhelming or like a complete mystery. Fear not, there are countless resources that make the learning curve painless and by the end, you'll have learned some useful technical skills.

Aptivio's Understanding of Bringing in AI

Bringing AI into your business doesn't have to be a difficult choice. Easy to add intelligent market monitors make the decision simple. At Aptivio we understand how to harness the power of sales AI tools to fuel efficient growth. Our Aptivio Intelligent Market Monitor for Sales creates simple dynamic digital sales playbooks from billions of buying signals to maximize your CRM investment.

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