Important AI Features for Salesforce Customers

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated November 13, 2020

The future of work will be built by intelligent tools like those created by Salesforce AI—they're backed by research and offer data-driven insights, thus proving to be important features for regular users. To ensure that a business has the best resources for its sales team, remember to add intelligent market monitors to the tool kit so that salespeople stay in the know.

What's inside this article:

Salesforce Has an AI Focus

Salesforce is a popular CRM solution that's embraced AI for the benefits to its customers. It's put years of effort into research and development to make intelligent tools a reality for every business regardless of size or industry. With some experimentation that has sometimes failed, but mostly succeeds, Salesforce has introduced AI as the new standard of work. This article explores the most important Salesforce AI features as they apply to current users of the CRM platform.

Salesforce AI Leads in Research

A basic understanding of AI is required before diving into the sometimes-dense topic. The current state of AI is based on decades of academic scholarship that's now brought it to the mainstream of business. The field of research has come far and now reaches into new areas of software, including sales process mining. These tools can aggregate, correlate, and analyze billions of external data points that feed into existing CRM infrastructures, like Salesforce.

Know the Different Types of AI

There are three fields of artificial intelligence that directly apply to Salesforce AI. Having a familiarity with these terms is a good first step in learning more about the topic. In the Total Guide to Salesforce AI, there is a deeper look at these fields and for this article, they're listed below. Keep in mind that for every intelligent tool, one of these AI advancements is powering the feature.

  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Computer vision

Salesforce Einstein Is an Early AI Adopter

Einstein must be mentioned when highlighting the important features of Salesforce AI. This is the Salesforce product that uses AI as the defining guide for its digital tools. Debuting in 2016, Einstein has been an early adopter of comprehensive AI integrated into a popular CRM. To fill in gaps of service, external digital sales tools can also be added in to fully realize the potential of intelligent tools into a business's workflow.

Key AI Features of Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce sees a bigger picture for AI in the world, but for now, this article will focus on what's currently available to users. Of what's available, there are six key features to Salesforce Einstein that are more deeply explored in the Best Features in Salesforce Einstein. They're included again below in this consideration of which Salesforce AI capabilities are most important for current customers.

  • Einstein Discovery
  • Einstein Prediction Builder
  • Einstein Next Best Action
  • Einstein Language
  • Einstein Bots
  • Einstein Vision

Make Basic Improvements With Automation

Before jumping into the higher concept capabilities of Salesforce AI, it's important to realize the value of basic improvements with automation. In Einstein Next Best Action, sales teams can activate automation for where it most makes sense. Tasks like personalized discounts and market research can be automized and optimized with intelligent digital tools. What makes automation important is that it can save hours a week for salespeople so that they may focus on higher-level tasks and accomplish more in the day.

Salesforce AI Helps Make Accurate Predictions

Beyond automation, Salesforce AI makes use of all the client information already stored on its CRM cloud by helping users build predictive models. This proves to be an important feature for Salesforce customers because it optimizes a business's information to best serve its employees and clients.

Salesforce AI Works for the Whole Team

As we learn about the important Salesforce AI features, it's important to recognize that certain tools are more applicable to specific departments compared to another. For example, salespeople will be more focused on AI features that can help them boost win rates by prioritizing leads most likely to convert. Marketing teams will use intelligent tools that can offer insights about creating personalized content for higher campaign engagement. And team managers can easily build the most relevant predictive models for their teams to fast track efficient growth.

Salesforce AI Is Available In Many Products

From the Marketing Cloud to Pardot, there are several Salesforce CRM solutions for every business size and industry. They've made Einstein freely available into many of their other products proving that Salesforce AI is relevant and worthwhile for any step of the sales process. Instead of imagining AI adoption as an exhaustive overhaul of current practices, remember that many CRMs have made intelligent technology readily available to their users. When considering everything Salesforce AI can do, remember that it's comprehensive, but not overwhelming.

Put Salesforce AI to the Test

Finishing up this overview of the important AI features for Salesforce customers, consider some familiar use cases that may apply to a business's sales and marketing teams. In these scenarios, there is a focus on different KPI that are improved by Salesforce AI features. May it be the opportunity to win ratio or campaign ROI, there's an intelligent tool that can elevate employees' performance so that they may focus on accomplishing higher-value tasks for the company.

Salespeople Use AI for Predictions

In the first use case, imagine a sales team looking to predict the time to close a sale regarding the opportunity to win ratio. When salespeople have the best resources, they can perform their best work. That's why when Einstein Discovery works in conjunction with intelligent market monitors, salespeople receive data-driven insights about when active deals are expected to close. Now the sales team can prioritize deals based on this prediction and use their time and resources accordingly.

Optimize Campaign Targeting With Salesforce AI

Users love Salesforce because it has an intelligent tool for every part of the company, including marketing. For this use case consider a marketing team interested in identifying new personas within existing segments to optimize campaign targeting. By using Einstein Segmentation, the marketing team can analyze and automate the clustering of similar profiles of their audience. This reveals new segments for targeting and the team can create more personalized content to optimize their campaign ROI.

Salesforce AI Is at Its Best in Next Best Action

Consider a small business with a sales team focused on making each client feel like all of their possible needs and expectations are taken care of beyond measure. With Einstein Next Best Action the salespeople can optimize the client experience by knowing exactly when to reach out with custom discounts, offers, and related content. This Salesforce AI feature avoids siloed channels and allows for client engagement that feels more personal and consistent. Along with an intelligent market monitor, the sales team can stay up to date on external data and trends that may affect building positive client relationships.

The Future of Work Means Salesforce AI

Salesforce users interested in expanding their AI efforts are in an ideal position for easy adoption. The popular CRM has made it clear that it sees a future inextricably linked with the most helpful AI technologies. Other business leaders agree—the future of work means a rise of the bots. As Salesforce AI becomes the global standard, users will have access to more and more intelligent tools as they're introduced to the emerging field.

Salesforce AI at Its Full Potential

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