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Discover the 4 powers of Aptivio and increase your sales now !

#1 Opportunity Discovery

Aptivio helps quantify customer demands in Your Territory !

Augment your Sales Radar and See Bigger

Aptivio continuously gets territory expansion outcome and helps to refine what is most important to you.

Augment your Sales Radar and See Deeper

Aptivio continuously gets new Offers & Alliances outcome and helps to refine what is most important to you.

Monitor your Markets

Factual external signals are obviously the key to measure and manage your market strategies.

#2 Customer Choice

Invest yourself on customers that really matter.


Your sales fit best practices filters eligible company


Sales lead have now enriched with buyers and influencers.


Every customers' demands and interests are now product-related.


Understand the buyer journey and adapt the right Sales pace.
Customer Insights
Sales Qualified

#3 Strategic Network

Buyers & Influencers are moving a lot, Aptivio manage that for you !

Buyers & Influencers Detection

Buyers roles are relative to your offers.

Direct Connect

Allow us to leverage every business networks of yours.

Sales Experienced Address Book

Build dynamically your business address book.
Key stakeholders
Power to impose

#4 Defuse deal bombs and Engage

Competition is hungrier than ever. Anticipate competitors' moves and be a leader

Continuous Thwart the Traps

Aptivio detects early warnings from external signals, such as competition engagement, potential delay...

Continuous Engagement

Watch customers success from external signals. There are great triggers to move forward customers and to impose you sales pace

Peer recommandations

Leverage peer experience, corporate sales practice from customer signal events.

Enterprise plugins

With hundreds of plugins in the Update Center, Aptivio integrates with practically every tool in the sales slack and customer toolchain. Aptivio can be extended via its plugin architecture, providing nearly infinite possibilities of what Aptivio can do.

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Why Aptivio is the most sales relevant ?

Aptivio collects billions of customer external data points per date and builds B2B sales signals. There are more than 150 proprietary signals. Thanks to them you can appreciate Buyers dimension in term of fit, access, demand, timing, engagement & risk.

Buyer centric
Sales DNA

Let Opportunity Find You