How it works

Billions of company behavior data points processed daily

Keywords and Concepts

AptivIO determines the best sales indicators for your product across the many thousands of sources we monitor. We figure out what keywords and concepts best indicate a sales ready opportunity or risk automatically.

Signal Processing

AptivIO's engine extracts signals from 100's of millions of websites, court records, CRM interactions, job postings, private subscriptions, SEC filings and billions of indent data visits daily. Signals are NLP'd, entity mapped, ranked and many other steps till they can be attributed to one of millions of the global companies we have in our entity database.


Opportunities and Risks are not (usually) indicated by a single event but look more like a probability time series with early indicators, surges and negative events (i.e. signed competitor). From all the millions of company mapped signals, AptivIO generates a 6 month probability time series based on evolving ML models.

Buyer Discovery

For Opportunities, the biggest time savings for Sales is the automated buyer discovery with email/phone/office resolution. We scan millions of contacts instantly to ensure the most coverage and accuracy to enable direct import into CRM.

Actionable Insights

Top Actionable Opportunities and Churn Risks are presented to end users through our AptivIO interface, directly in CRM feeds or through daily email alerts. Each Opportunity includes all the signals and surges that make up it's score, so users can decide for themselves on our accuracy.

Active Learning

The more a user or team interacts with AptivIO or our insights the more we understand the correlations of signal to success and actively adapt our models to improve accuracy.

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