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Opportunity Identification

Predict where your buyer is in the process based on a six month timeline of buying signals from multiple sources.

Early Stage:

The client has a strong propensity to buy. There is a significant sales trigger ("bad news") causing the buyer to act.

Active Stage:

The client is searching for specific topics of interest. They may be hiring those with relevant expertise, from consultants to employees.

Definitive Stage:

The client is interacting with competing vendors. Implementation partners are working on coming up with a solution. Time to act.

Product Talking Points

Engage your client with recommendations and keywords tailored to current demand and the client's likely need.

Product Centricity

Detect your client's specific needs and match them directly to the most optimal product line from your organization's product suite.

Dynamic Tailoring

Be in tune with what your client is doing. Points are connected directly to your client's own words expressing their needs.

Weighted Recommendations

Understand the importance of each talking point to your client and determine what is of critical importance.

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Purchasing BU

Pinpoint where your buying decision is made using signals from hundreds of BUs in the US and worldwide.

1 BU out of Hundreds

Identify specific BUs with demand signals you can act on, even in organizations with countless BUs nationwide.

Specific Buying Influencers

Determine who influences the buying process for a product in your client's organization and where they are located.

Prioritized Locations

Understand which locations and influencers are the most important. We rank entities based on the strength of their opportunity.

Buyer Influence Map

Visualize buying roles in an organization on a Buyer Role Map and predict who plays what role.

Approach Coach

Get a sense for the best way to approach your clients, with do's and dont's for how to speak to them.

Personality Type Assessment

Get a sense for who your buyer is through an automated assessment of their personality (ex. Driver, Architect, Risk Taker, etc.)

Buying Roles

Identify the role each individual plays in your client's buying process through the following personas:

Decision Makers
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Relationship Influence Map

Identify peers and partners who can help you connect disclosing the relationship owner's sensitive contacts.

Relationship Managers

Identify relationship managers in your network that are best able to influence your client's buying decisions.

Ranked Influencers

Know the best people to ask for a warm intro from your network. Influences are ranked based on their relationships and impact.

Anonymized, Aggregated Results

Get insight while keeping your hard earned relationships private from colleagues and partners.

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