Accounts Insights

Be An Informed Customer Success Manager

Stay Informed About Your Clients

Ensure your conversations and touch points are not wasted.

AptivIO Daily Briefs will keep you up to date on client interests, important news, lawsuits, corporate events, and critical job changes.

Sell Efficiently

Know when to sell, what to sell and to who! Focus your time efficiently only on clients that are "sales ready."

By tracking signals and interest surges across your clients, individual offices, AprivIO better predicts and times your up-sell opportunities for you.

Manage Churn Risks

Retaining clients is just as important as new sales, and while internal AI initiatives can help spot problems, they miss the external signals.

AptivIO's risk engine looks at alternate data points like job change trends, court records, rumors, intent data and Dark Web exposure (coming soon), to present you risks that aren't obvious.

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