Supercharge Sales with Salesforce Einstein

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated November 11, 2020

Salesforce Einstein allows sales teams to maximize their efforts by using advanced AI tools meant to deliver recommendations and insights at just the right moment in the sales process. Expert salespeople can also benefit from intelligent market monitors that deliver action cards at point-of-impact to supercharge the prospecting process.

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Salesforce Is a CRM AI Leader

Salesforce puts customers at the center of its business. The range of products that users can choose from illustrates a clear dedication to building tools that make a difference. In recent years Salesforce has led the AI infusion into the CRM experience. Salesforce Einstein has become an all-encompassing intelligent product that offers data-driven insights and recommendations for sales teams of any business.

What Does Einstein Do in Salesforce?

Einstein is a set of intelligent features that work directly in other Salesforce products. There's a lot to learn about Salesforce Einstein and all it can do. Businesses can discover insights, predict outcomes, recommend next steps, and automate workflows with Einstein. Users can also easily include additional digital sales tools from the AppExchange marketplace.

Salesforce Einstein Is Intelligent

At the core of all these intelligent features is AI technology that Salesforce has integrated into its products. Machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision are used to power the features that users find most valuable. Intelligent processes also power plug-in apps that can accelerate sales velocity. Salesforce has managed to make AI for everyone and it's beginning to change what it means to do business.

Salespeople Need the Best Tools

Expert salespeople do their best work when they have reliable tools to help them. Salesforce not only helps with insights and recommendations; it also allows salespeople to use intelligent market monitors. Salespeople can now work with a simple dynamic digital sales playbook from billions of buying signals. Reviewing the features and benefits of Salesforce Einstein and other AI sales tools helps to understand how they can be of use to salespeople.

What Is Sales Cloud Einstein?

Sales Cloud Einstein is the dedicated product for Einstein on Salesforce. It brings sales intelligence to everyone—from small business teams to enterprise-level AI adoption. Salesforce describes Sales Cloud Einstein as allowing users to automate processes, uncover insights, and grow business with AI-powered predictions and recommendations. We've listed below many of the ways that it helps sales teams turn customer data into closed deals with AI.

  • Prioritize the best next steps
  • Win more opportunities
  • Spend more time selling
  • Never miss a buying signal
  • Make better decisions
  • Increase forecast accuracy

Sales Cloud Einstein Has Key Capabilities

There are six key capabilities of Sales Cloud Einstein that this article will focus on. From lead scoring to sales analytics, some featuers could improve salespeople's workflows. These benefits not only help sales teams but also ultimately extend to clients as they have a better sales experience. With intelligent insights comes personalized recommendations and those are meant to benefit the buying process.

Learn More From Lead and Opportunity Scoring

Sales teams appreciate what predictive lead scoring can help them do. It not only saves time, but it offers data-driven insights about which leads to prioritize. And with opportunity scoring, salespeople can focus on the right deals, every time. Einstein Lead and Opportunity Scoring can increase conversion rates, prioritize focus on the best leads, and understand lead score factors.

Salesforce Einstein Never Misses an Opportunity

Smart sales tools will help teams secure opportunities and reduce forecast risk. Einstein Opportunity and Account Insights help salespeople with this. The amount of information thrown at a sales team can be overwhelming, so much so that some opportunities may go unnoticed. But with the right tools, salespeople can maximize their time spent at work and never miss anything important again.

Data-Driven Forecasts Help Salespeople

AI sales tools are great for forecasting. They can take in all of the complex data points that can affect any given business situation and form clear analyses for sales teams to consider. Salesforce boasts that with Einstein Forecasting, salespeople can increase forecast accuracy, gain insight from forecast factors, and proactively manage forecast changes.

Salesforce Einstein Helps Expert Salespeople

Expert salespeople shouldn't have to spend hours a week on manual data entry. Instead, they should be further developing the positive client relationships that only they can create. Einstein Activity Capture helps salespeople focus on selling by automating email and calendar capture and providing data-driven sales coaching. This is why emphasizing the value of digital sales tools makes sense—they help teams get more done.

Seamlessly Integrate on Salesforce

Users appreciate Salesforce for how it seamlessly integrates across their other sales tool platforms. With Salesforce Inbox, sales teams can bring email, calendar, and Salesforce together. Repetitive administrative tasks shouldn't interfere with salespeople's ability to sell. That's why Sales Cloud Einstein offers several automation tools to help the sales process run more efficiently.

Make Better Business Decisions With Sales Analytics

There are certain sales insights that only AI can help shed light on. With upwards of billions of buying signals that could be relevant to a business, machine assistance is required to make sense of it all. Sales Cloud Einstein's Sales Analytics helps sales teams make better decisions and close more deals. Not only can they accelerate sales cycles and uncover new opportunities, but with the right tools, sales teams can also increase productivity and drive sales performance.

Salesforce Helps Make Predictions

Of all the key capabilities of Sales Cloud Einstein, users appreciate the ability to build custom prediction models. AI is best used when it's helping people do their job more efficiently and at a faster time. Sales predictions are a great example of this because it would be unrealistic for sales teams to spend months organizing and understanding billions of intersecting buying signals when Salesforce Einstein offers the intelligent tool already.

Accurate Forecasts Make a Difference

To finish our exploration of supercharging sales with Salesforce Einstein, a review of a relevant use case proves helpful. It's common for sales teams to use a variety of techniques to visualize and maintain their data. Between email, Excel, and Tableau there's a chance that important information gets lost and salespeople are losing out on meaningful insights. Instead of CRM acting as a single source of truth with minimal manual data entry, some teams get overloaded with complicated processes that don't end up working.

Salesforce Einstein Has Insights to Offer

Salesforce users find value in Einstein because it offers the kind of intelligent insights that can make a difference in how well salespeople can perform their work. Just as CRM data drives smart forecasting, it can also be used to deliver meaningful recommendations to salespeople at every point of the sales process.

CRMs Can Help With Recommendations

When salespeople are hyper-focused on getting existing clients to renew contracts, it can be tough to combine data across multiple systems and know exactly when to follow-up at the right time. With Salesforce tools like Einstein Next Best Action, sales teams can rest assured that they're receiving data-driven recommendations based on all of the relevant information stored on their existing CRM. With the right intelligent insights, salespeople won't have to guess when to follow-up.

Expert Salespeople Are Productive

From lead scoring to visualizing complex data, there is a lot that Salesforce AI can offer. The productivity and automation features alone are worth considering to fully transform what it means to practice intelligent business processes. Of all the features for salespeople in Salesforce Einstein, the ones that help manage repetitive administrative tasks shouldn't go overlooked.

Successful Sales Teams Use Salesforce Einstein for Automation

Deals shouldn't be at risk because of poor business practices around inefficient planning or duplicated manual entry efforts. The best sales teams have well-thought-out workflows and many of them use AI assistance to help. Using productivity and automation tools from Sales Cloud Einstein like Activity Capture, Automated Contacts, and Salesforce Inbox can change what it means for salespeople interacting with clients to exceed expectations.

Get More Out of Salesforce Einstein

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