The 10 Best Types of Sales AI Tools

By Aptivio | Updated August 12th, 2020

There are many types of sales AI tools and this is the top 10 best your business should be using. These digital tools use the power of artificial intelligence to process, manage, and understand your workflows better than before.

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AI Helps Accomplish Goals

Artificial intelligence has been the predicted future for some time now which means it's here and ready to be adopted. So, what's really meant by AI when it comes to sales? AI for sales can mean any of the digital tools powered by artificial intelligence to help sales teams accomplish their goals. These tools can process more data and offer more insights than any single salesperson could do on their own.

Focus on AI for Sales

The field of artificial intelligence is ever-expanding and bigger than just AI for sales. That's why we've narrowed down the 10 best types of sales AI tools for your business. For a more expanded look at what's relevant in Sales AI, read more in The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Sales.

The Best Types of Sales AI Tools

These are the top 10 best types of sales AI tools that could help your sales team be more productive and meet sales goals. Keep in mind that these tools should seamlessly integrate with your current CRM.

  • Data management tools
  • Scheduling tools
  • Personalized communication insights
  • Lead generation tools
  • Sales pipeline management tools
  • Sales activity analyzers
  • Lead engagement tools
  • Natural language generators
  • Sales call analyzers
  • Behavioral analytic tools

Sales AI Manages Data and Research

Data management tools are listed as number one for a reason—AI has the potential to process billions of data points. These tools can have a range of features, from helping transfer repetitive information between documents to performing market research. Use these tools to save time and take advantage of what AI can do.

Perform Alternate Data Market Research

Certain industries may find more use of particular sales AI tools compared to others. Asset management firms specifically benefit from this type of AI tool for their comprehensive market research abilities. An intelligent market monitor that performs alternate data market research is invaluable for investment management insights.

Manage Schedules with Sales AI

The next type of sales AI tool is a must for any business—schedule management tools. As you consider adopting AI for sales,you must remember that these digital tools shouldn't replace salespeople. Instead, they should streamline their workflows and make their jobs easier. Tools like automated scheduling that effortlessly coordinate meetings with clients do just that.

Streamline the Client Experience

Gone are the days of writing back and forth with availability for client calls. Schedule management tools are a part of sales AI that ultimately serve salespeople and clients. Add in an AI tool that predicts the best time to sell to clients based on interest surges and your business will always be on time at the right time.

Personalize Client Communications

AI for sales can do more than manage data and schedules, it can also suggest exactly the best language to use when communicating with potential clients. Personalized communication insight tools will evaluate email exchanges from expert salespeople and begin to understand what works to close. This type of sales AI can be useful when optimizing your sales process. To go further, also use an intelligent market monitor that specifies buyers likely to convert so you know salespeople are saying the right things to the right people.

Find the Perfect Marketing Language

Where can personalized communication insight tools help most? In creating marketing content for leads. AI for sales can be an inter-departmental bonus for both sales and marketing teams. Perfect every word with communication sales AI tools and also use a digital sales playbook that offers right-timed engagement to improve response rates.

Sales AI Generates Leads

Lead generation tools have become a cornerstone of AI for sales. It's consistently listed as the number one way artificial intelligence is transforming sales and for good reason. What could take a salesperson hours a day, an AI-powered tool can handle automatically and deliver promising leads straight to the sales team.

Growth Opportunity Is Important

In enterprise software, the growth opportunity is of utmost importance. That's why lead generation should be one of the most important sales AI tools to consider. Learn more about the benefits of sales AI in this complete guide.Regardless of type, all sales AI tools should easily integrate and ultimately maximize your CRM investment.

Sales AI Manages Pipelines

Sales pipeline management tools broadly cover the automation features that are already accessible to CRM users. No matter what system you use, your CRM already offers intelligent tools to increase productivity. Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Oracle CRM, and HubSpot also make it easy to integrate additional tools that offer pipeline situational awareness.

Analyze the Best Sales Activity

Again, sales AI can do more than manage tasks and processes—it can also suggest the best sales techniques based on your expert salespeople. Like personalized communication insights, sales activity analyzers are a type of sales AI that learns from the best salespeople. It offers additional feedback so that you can create an optimized sales process. This can be the start of building the ultimate sales playbook for your team.

Sales AI Can Increase Revenue

Why trust AI to analyze your sales team? Because it can increase revenue. Along with assisting salespeople and creating a better experience for clients, increasing revenue is a top reason to start using sales AI. Activity analyzers are one of the tools that can help achieve sales goals each quarter.

Engage Leads With Sales AI

Another valuable type of sales AI is lead engagement tools. After generating leads, AI can help make initial contact with the lists of potential clients. These kinds of introductory emails can be easily managed by digital tools which frees up salespeople to focus on prospects that are more likely to close. Combine lead engagement tools with autonomous prospecting and you'll be transforming your CRM into a digital sales machine.

Sales AI Learns What to Say

Similar to personalized communication insights, natural language generators help salespeople perfect their language. This type of sales AI takes advantage of machine learning that gets more intelligent the more it's used. Just like how external data could be optimized, using machine learning in the sales process is only as good as how you use it.

Never Waste a Sales Call

After sales AI generates the leads, exchanges the emails, and schedules the phone meeting, it can also optimize sales calls. Because sales AI is all about maximizing your CRM investment, this kind of analysis can offer insights to salespeople that they would not have otherwise realized. An additional AI-powered perspective at this point in the sales process could mean the difference between another missed opportunity or the newest satisfied client.

Follow Your Expert Salespeople

The final type of sales AI worth introducing is behavioral analytic tools. They analyze and offer feedback on the behaviors that your expert salespeople use to close. Ultimately, AI for sales isn't meant to replace these expert salespeople, it's meant to help them achieve more. That's why the future of work is inevitably intertwined with artificial intelligence.

Create a Dynamic Sales Playbook

Behavioral analytic tools offer salespeople additional insights and make them more informed sellers. Connect this type of tool with an intelligent market monitor and create a simple dynamic digital sales playbook that assists salespeople in what they do best. AI doesn't replace expert salespeople. It reinforces their efforts in managing time-consuming tasks and building successful client relationships.

Aptivio's Understanding of the Best Types of Sales AI

Sales Process Mining is a new software category that alerts salespeople of hidden revenue opportunities. Aptivio uses billions of company behavior data points to determine the best sales indicators for opportunities and risks. AI analysis like this is one of the most influential tools that can be integrated into your CRM.

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