The Benefits of Salesforce Einstein

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated November 12, 2020

This list of top ten benefits of Salesforce Einstein goes over all the advantages of the platform for your clients, sales process, and teams. To get more out of Einstein, consider adding an intelligent market monitor to maximize your CRM investment.

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Salesforce Einstein Uses AI to Help

Let's properly introduce Salesforce Einstein before jumping into its benefits. It's an AI software that complements the Salesforce CRM to make use of collected data. It offers visualizations, recommendations, and predictions about relevant demographic and behavioral information. Its features are developed based on AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.

The Many Benefits of Salesforce Einstein

As a Salesforce product, Einstein seamlessly integrates into existing dashboards and the benefits only start there. We've gone through all the many reasons to consider adopting Einstein Analytics and have ranked the top ten. From better data management to increased productivity, the advantages of Salesforce Einstein clearly emerge. As with all AI sales tools, some considerations should also be made for the software's limitations, but in many cases, the benefits offer something unique to sales teams across industries.

  • Centralize client information.
  • Engage community.
  • Better plan accounts.
  • Discover insights.
  • Sell more effectively.
  • Make more informed predictions.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Efficiently manage time.
  • Collaborate as a team.
  • Easily access data.

Advantages for Clients, Sales, and Teams

To help fully understand all of these benefits we've decided to break them down into three key parts—benefits to your clients, sales process, and the overall team. Advantages to these three important areas means Salesforce Einstein is something seriously worth considering. Satisfied clients, productive salespeople, and collaborative sales teams is what any business strives for. Learn more about Einstein's intuitive features for a more in-depth exploration into what Salesforce analytics has to offer.

Einstein Analytics Improves Client Experience

Any expert salesperson will tell you that providing clients with an easy, beneficial, and rewarding experience is ultimately the goal of sales. That's why we've listed benefiting client experience as the first group of advantages of Salesforce Einstein. Managing client information and engaging those clients at the right time are key points for sales teams. Since Einstein is a Salesforce product and easily allows for additional AI sales tools, all the relevant information is already available and ready to be used—a big plus for best-serving clients.

Centralize Client Information on Salesforce

A business's CRM is where a lot of data is collected and stored. Ideally, you can actually do something with this information. That's where Einstein comes in. By having both the basic and complex demographic and behavioral data of clients and salespeople readily available, sales teams can take advantage of this by acting on the predictions and recommendations offered by the Einstein platform.

Engage Clients With Ease

An advantage of Salesforce Einstein that may not instantly come to mind is its community and relationship building ability. With features like Einstein Language and Einstein Bots, AI can help figure out the perfect wording to engage clients in the moment they're ready to hear it. An advantage like this is important when creating a business with satisfied clients and low churn rates. Offer salespeople another digital tool that has opportunity identification and buyer influence mapping so that they are best equipped to create positive client relationships.

Einstein Perfects the Sales Process

After serving clients, the next important group to keep in mind are the people who keep the sales process running. Salespeople are integral to maintaining successful client relationships. And even with all the buzz and promises of AI, salespeople could never be replaced in their unique skills for genuine interpersonal connection. Instead, these digital tools like Einstein and autonomous prospectors are meant to be another tool in the tool kit for salespeople to excel.

Einstein's Features Help With Account Planning

Salesforce Einstein has multiple features that can help with better account planning. Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Next Best Action give users the ability to build custom AI models to display recommendations most relevant to business. An advantage like this takes the guesswork out of sometimes complex estimates and helps support sales teams with data-driven suggestions in their work. To fully embrace this benefit, add a sales forecasting tool that can further help find hidden revenue opportunities, industry-wide comparisons, and economic trends.

Use Insights From Einstein Discovery

Salesforce Einstein not only helps plan for the future, but also helps discover insights that can be applied immediately. Features like Einstein Discovery finds relevant patterns in the data to offer meaningful insights. What makes this easy is that Einstein works right along with the Salesforce CRM and allows for external digital tools to seamlessly integrate. These additional tools can go even further to gain detailed predictor insights, understand the reasons behind lead qualification, and gather actionable steps for each lead.

Data-Driven Selling Helps Salespeople

When salespeople have the best available tools at their disposal, they can demonstrate their most informed selling. Salesforce Einstein allows this by having features that help with lead scoring, buying signals, and sales forecasting. With all of this information, salespeople can adapt their selling to anticipate each client's needs and it's all data-driven by past sales. In other words, Einstein and other AI digital tools can be really good at making use of data to help salespeople.

Build Custom AI Models for Predictions

As mentioned, Salesforce Einstein makes sense of all the information that's useful for driving sales and positive client relationships. More specifically, it's excellent for building custom AI models to make predictions like churn risk or lifetime value in Einstein Prediction Builder. When it comes to sales forecasting or predicting the likelihood of a lead conversion, it helps to have quantitative evidence to back up initial analyses.

Easily Manage Teams on Salesforce Einstein

Creating positive work environments is a sure way to foster happy employees who deliver their best efforts. Salesforce Einstein helps streamline workflows and answer complex questions which makes it a tool that helps salespeople do their best work. Increased productivity, better time management, more opportunities for collaboration, and easily accessible data across teams are all the advantages new Einstein users can look forward to. Consider adding another digital tool that creates impactful action cards to the sales process to make sales teams happy.

Salespeople Can Increase Productivity

In previous articles, we've explored how automation helps sales teams by freeing up their time so that they may focus on other, more complex work. Salesforce Einstein does something very similar. Users rate Salesforce Einstein as one of the most effective at saving their time getting work done. Salespeople can be more productive because features like Einstein Bots and Einstein Vision can now take care of easy client questions or time-consuming data input.

Efficiently Manage Time on Einstein

Similar to increased productivity, salespeople can better manage their time with Salesforce Einstein. Because the platform helps figure out what processes are better completed with automation, salespeople can spend less time finishing time-consuming tasks and focus more energy on doing the work that only they can accomplish. Einstein Analytics works effortlessly in conjunction with other digital tools like intelligent market monitors to ensure salespeople have all the resources they need to efficiently manage their time.

Salesforce Einstein Helps Teams Collaborate

Another benefit of Salesforce Einstein is how it helps sales teams collaborate. With client information centralized on one platform, teams can more easily access important data for planning purposes. With features like Einstein Discovery and Einstein Prediction Builder, expert salespeople can isolate which specific actions yield positive results and share their strategies for building successful client relationships.

Easily Access and Understand Data

The key to sales AI is meaningful data that can be used to build processes and make relevant insights. One of the great advantages of Salesforce Einstein is that all that important data is already available because Salesforce is your chosen CRM. Not only that, but because Einstein creates visualizations that any salesperson can understand, the data is easily accessible without the help of a data scientist to further explain. And if your business uses another CRM like Microsoft 365 Dynamics or Oracle Cloud, you can still use intelligent market monitors to reap many of the same benefits of Einstein.

Don't Forget About Limitations

With all of these benefits of Salesforce Einstein, it's also worth remembering its limitations. These aren't disadvantages to the product, rather realistic framings that shape how Einstein is best used. As mentioned, salespeople can't be replaced by even our most intelligent AI tools. We need their uniquely human qualities and also their expertise in directing how the digital tools operate.

Einstein and the Future of Work

For example, many of Einstein's features require familiar knowledge of the collected data and how to use it. Features like Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Next Best Action require some initial set up of models. This set up doesn't demand hours of coding, but some knowledge is required. As most Americans see the future of work changing, skills like this will become more important.

Get More Out of Salesforce Einstein

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