The Best Features in Salesforce Einstein

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated November 9, 2020

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What Does Salesforce Einstein Do?

Salesforce Einstein is the game-changing AI software that analyzes and presents the complex data that otherwise goes unused throughout the sales process. Einstein is powered by artificial intelligence to deliver the most promising results for sales teams. Salesforce Einstein shows how adding additional AI tools to the sales process can elevate the work of salespeople everywhere.

Salesforce Einstein is Powered By AI

AI is the buzzword that deserves most of its buzz. It's the technology that allows for software like Einstein and other digital sales tools to exist. Advancements in AI like machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision are all at the foundation of Einstein's features. So, if the thought of AI conjures images of a robot rebellion, you're forgetting that AI is already here, helping us, and probably not plotting our demise.

Do Something Valuable With Data

The current status of AI technology and digital tools is wrapped up in its processing power in which billions of data signals can be searched and analyzed daily. In turn, this allows for the automation process to be set up because AI is good at following directions. Most of the features in Salesforce Einstein make building processes as easy as possible. Your sales and client data are already stored in the CRM, Einstein helps you do something valuable with it.

Einstein Analytics Uses Machine Learning

There are many types of AI. From basic predictive recommendations like autocomplete texts to more complex machine learning that powers many of Einstein's key features, AI tools are here to be used. Machine learning is one of the types of AI used in many digital sales tools and can offer intelligent insights into the sales process.

Understand Sales Performance With Einstein Discovery

Einstein Discovery is data science without a data scientist. It offers relevant explanations and recommendations to all the data collected and stored in your CRM. Salespeople can now understand how specific actions affect performance and use this knowledge for more informed selling. This kind of feature is at the core of Salesforce Einstein and highlights how AI processing can benefit sales teams.

Intelligent Solutions for the Sales Process

The value of a tool like Einstein Discovery is in its machine learning capabilities. The more this feature is used, the more intelligent it becomes in its recommendations. This kind of active learning is used in other AI digital sales tools and is critical in defining AI tools from more basic solutions to the sales process. With Einstein Discovery, almost nothing is missed in understanding how different actions may affect sales performance.

Create Custom Models in Minutes

The next feature worth mentioning is Einstein Prediction Builder. It helps build custom AI models using internal client and sales data to create accurate predictions of business outcomes. Sales teams can use this to assess the churn risk or lifetime value of their clients. This feature requires some extra thinking about what kind of data is necessary to build the desired model.

Einstein Next Best Action Benefits the Sales Process

Einstein Next Best Action takes in all the relevant data to suggest the strategies, models, and automation processes that are most relevant to your sales team—this is a huge benefit of Salesforce Analytics. With the amount of information and possibilities now afforded by the vastness of technological advancements, it's impossible to sort through and understand without machine assistance. Features like Next Best Action coupled with intelligent market monitors for external buying signals are the types of tools now required to keep up in the digital age.

Find the Perfect Phrasing With Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing takes advantage of AI's communication capabilities. Both Einstein Language and Einstein Bots are features that use natural language processing to better ensure that your clients are receiving optimal messaging targeted to their needs. Advancements in AI communication tools help build ideal language patterns used by expert salespeople to best equip sales teams in their client engagement. Matched with AI tools that notify about newsworthy topics specific to your business's clients and your business will be fueling efficient growth while maximizing your CRM investment.

Einstein Language Knows What You Mean

Einstein Language uses AI to predict the intent and sentiment of communication with employees and clients. This kind of understanding can be used to quickly sort through inquiries to ensure they're being directed towards the correct solution. It uses customer service forms and notes to offer insights into how clients are feeling at any given point in the sales process. Like with other Salesforce Einstein features, you'll first have to categorize existing data to teach the tool how to make sense of incoming data in the future.

Einstein Bots Has the Answer

Chatbots have a reputation with varying success, but that's changing as AI tools advance and get more intelligent about the kind of language that feels as natural as human conversation. Einstein Bots offers a customer service solution that streamlines the process and helps answer basic questions for your clients. Once you take the time to build up this feature it can be used across platforms. Start by surveying common questions your clients have and use an intelligent market monitor for clues about how your bot could be used to engage with clients.

Use Salesforce Einstein For Client Engagement

Let's explore a use case for natural language processing, Einstein Language, and Einstein Bots. As salespeople are focusing on their daily tasks, part of their attention is taken by client engagement. In Einstein Language, the kinds of reviews that require additional interaction can be quickly sorted and assigned to the appropriate salesperson. For leads interacting with your website, Einstein Bots can handle basic concerns thus freeing salespeople to focus on more complex scenarios.

See More With Computer Vision

Perhaps less talked about compared to machine learning or natural language processing, is computer vision. This type of AI learns to process images and begins to understand what it's looking at. Computer vision is one of the many technological advancements that allow for AI digital tools to process and deliver insights for billions of data points.

Einstein Vision Understands More

The last feature we will review is Einstein Vision. In one of the first demos of Salesforce Einstein, they use an example of a solar energy company targeting clients based on images from Google Maps that can be sorted by what type of roof they have. The company taught Einstein Vision the difference between types of roofs and were able to sort leads based on if their roof was suited for their solar panels. For more information about Salesforce check out Everything to Know About Salesforce Einstein.

Start Using Complex and Large Data

Not every sales team has a data scientist, but that shouldn't mean not every sales team can benefit from data science. Salesforce markets Einstein as "the data scientist in your pocket" and they're right. Data science takes the complex and large data sets to make something valuable out of the dense information. That's what Einstein and other digital tools like intelligent market monitors do.

AI Works On a Spectrum

As mentioned, AI is the technological advancement that allows for Einstein to exist. To dig a bit deeper into it, let's explore how it works. Each of these features were grouped by the kind of AI that powers the tool. Machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision are the latest AI technologies to be introduced and used at scale in the sales process. From autocomplete in our texts to facial recognition on social media to self-driving cars on our streets, AI works on a spectrum to offer countless opportunities.

Data Is Key In Salesforce Einstein

After learning about the six key features in Salesforce Einstein, it's easy to see how important data is to power these AI tools. Data is the fuel that makes everything work, but without the right tools, your business's data is probably not doing much. Since Einstein is a Salesforce product that works seamlessly within the CRM, the demographic and behavioral data of clients is centralized and used in Einstein features. For all the other data like the billions of external buying signals, consider adding an intelligent market monitor to Einstein.

Get More Out of Einstein Analytics

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