The Best Reasons to Use AI for Sales

By Aptivio | Updated August 12th, 2020

The top six reasons to use sales AI shows how to best equip expert salespeople so that they may execute their work more efficiently. By successfully taking advantage of AI for sales, your business can grow with a transformed CRM elevated by digital tools.

What's inside this article:

Define AI for Sales

Before getting to the best reasons to start using sales AI, we should narrow down what it means. These are the digital tools powered by artificial intelligence intended to elevate the sales process. This may include task automation or intelligent insights. No matter the exact type of tool, AI remains relevant to global industry concerns.

Know the Reasons

It's good to know the tools of sales AI and its benefits, but what are the tangible reasons to integrate it into your sales process? In the following, we list the top reasons to use AI for sales and how it can start helping your team. Using sales AI with intelligent market monitors will maximize your CRM investment. Keep this in mind when choosing which tools and features to integrate into workflows.

The Top Six

These top six reasons are why your team should consider implementing AI for sales. The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Salesinforms about the different tools, benefits, and preparations of sales AI. To focus in on the best reasons, here's a comprehensive break down.

  • Better equip salespeople.
  • Optimize pricing.
  • Forecast with insights.
  • Right-time upselling and cross-selling.
  • Rank with lead scoring.
  • Manage team performance.

Better Equip Salespeople

The first reason to use sales AI is the core of what artificial intelligence can do—assist (not replace) salespeople. Other articles will list reasons why salespeople are better than sales AI, and they're right. Digital tools can only do so much without the human spirit of salespeople. But consider AI for sales as another part of the salesperson's toolkit, one that should include all of the best possible resources for opportunity success.

It's Not Replacing Anyone

The future of work may be coupled with AI, but that doesn't mean it's going to replace the expertise of salespeople. Instead, sales AI will be the extra set of tools that help salespeople do what they do best, sell to clients. This extra support with time-consuming tasks or complicated data sets is the reason sales AI better equips salespeople to do their work.

Optimize Pricing

Optimized pricing is the second reason to use sales AI. Salespeople should have all of the relevant sales information available when making choices about clients—this includes pricing insights. Sometimes salespeople are unsure about how much, when, or even if to give discounts. Price optimization tools can learn from past sales and losses to offer the best possible recommendation.

Set Up for Success

Setting up salespeople for success is the crux of price optimization. As mentioned, sales AI is meant to elevate their already expert selling techniques. Accurate sales intelligence can also rank opportunities, share client interests, and find key stakeholders. Along with price optimization, these tools allow for more informed selling by salespeople.

Forecast With Insights

The third reason to use sales AI is forecasting capabilities. Again, when sales teams are left to make important decisions, it helps to have all of the available information. The insights given by AI tools are specifically designed to process the billions of data points that give you the market understanding needed to most accurately predict opportunities and risks. This kind of forecasting could mean the difference in making or missing quarterly goals.

Know the Big Picture

Give sales teams the big picture and offer them digital sales playbooks that process billions of buying signals. Knowing the right prices to give and having full pipeline situational awareness sets up salespeople to best satisfy customers.

Right-Time Upselling and Cross-Selling

Sales AI tools can be particularly good at right-time predictions. This is the fourth reason your business should be using AI for sales. When salespeople know the best time to upsell or cross-sell, they're more likely to close and satisfy clients. To go further, pair these kinds of sales AI tools with an intelligent market monitor that identifies buyers likely to convert and salespeople will also know exactly who to talk to.

Improve Client Experience

Right-timed upselling and cross-selling isn't just to create well-informed salespeople, it's also to provide the best client experience. When leads and prospects are offered exactly what they need, they're more likely to be happy with your business.

Rank With Lead Scoring

The fifth reason to start using sales AI tools is lead scoring. This technique is transformed by predictive AI and gives the most accurate ranking of leads. Combined with a digital sales playbook that performs opportunity qualification, lead scoring informs salespeople where to focus their talents. This is a perfect example of equipping salespeople with all the knowledge they need to be informed sellers.

Integrate Sales and Marketing

Besides ranking the most promising leads, lead scoring also unites sales and marketing teams to optimize their combined efforts. The most impactful lead scoring techniques are built with feedback from both teams, which can create a successful digital tool in the sales process. With marketing insights to validate qualified leads, sales teams have a better chance to satisfy clients and meet sales goals.

Manage Team Performance

The final reason to start using sales AI is how it can manage performance and unite sales teams. By centralizing the progress of high-ranking leads, sales teams are ensuring that no opportunity falls through. Managers can more easily stay up to date on the daily progress of specific sales and learn where sales teams can improve. The key to efficient growth is a strong team using the right tools.

Understand the Team

To manage performance is to understand how a sales team works. AI for sales not only helps businesses do this, it helps improve this. From saving time to revealing new opportunities, the advantages of sales AI for salespeople are clear. Again, AI tools work best when used as supplemental additions, not the full-time replacement for expert salespeople.

Use Machine Learning

An added feature of most sales AI tools is machine learning. Tools like intelligent market monitors will begin to understand more successful signal correlations the more users interact with its insights. These types of tools will also adapt their models to improve accuracy with continued use. Only AI-driven tools can take advantage of this unique element.

Seamlessly Integrate

These six best reasons to start using sales AI are only worth considering if you can actually start implementing them. Fortunately, almost all CRMs support, if not already implement, sales AI tools and techniques. Salesforce, Oracle CRM, and HubSpot already do so much to coordinate sales teams. With simple digital sales playbooks and other sales AI tools, these systems can be transformed into digital sales machines.

The Types of Sales AI Tools Matter

Of all the AI for sales tools, there are different types that may have specific reasons for why it's best for your business. Task management tools may be exactly what a sales team needs or perhaps a data processing tool for market research. Overall, almost every industry can benefit from intelligent market monitors that create digital sales playbooks because of how they maximize CRM investments and offer comprehensive sales insights. No matter what type of sales AI your team uses, its purpose will most likely align with these six reasons.

AI Is the Future of Work

As mentioned, the reasons to use AI for sales are clear indicators that the future of work is inextricably intertwined with artificial intelligence. Equipping salespeople with the best automation tools makes sense for business growth and development. Offering these tools means better results now while also building success for later. In a future where AI plays a key role, your business should already understand how to take advantage.

Aptivio's Understanding of the Best Reasons for Sales AI

As an intelligent market monitor, we at Aptivio understand how sales AI can be used to leverage expert salespeople. By processing billions of buying signals that would be impossible to do without machine assistance, we create a simple dynamic digital sales playbook.

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