The Top 10 Benefits of AI for Sales

By Guy Mounier | Updated August 12th, 2020

The top 10 benefits of AI for sales can optimize the sales team, data, and decision making of any business. Using the right tools, like intelligent market monitors, can create more informed sellers and bring all of the advantages of sales AI.

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AI Can Transform Sales Teams

Using AI for sales means using digital tools that elevate a specific workflow or help solve sometimes difficult problems. Sales AI tools can include task management, big data research, or predictive forecasting capabilities. These tools are powered by artificial intelligence and can transform what it means to run a successful sales team. From facilitating creativity to improving your ROI, every business can benefit from what AI can do.

Sales AI Tools Have an Advantage

Whether it's taking control of time-consuming tasks or utilizing the power of machine learning, the benefits of sales AI can transform your business for the better. AI for sales tools span a wide array of types that can improve performance across industries and sectors. Certain types of sales AI have advantages for every kind of business. For example, intelligent market monitors are tools that can create simple, yet dynamic digital sales playbooks from the billions of buying signals that are only possible with the power of AI.

The Top 10 Benefits of Sales AI

These top 10 benefits of sales AI are clear indicators that it improves the productivity and performance of your business. AI tools have the power to optimize sales teams, data, and decision making. The following benefits are grouped by these key areas to show how each is elevated by AI for sales.

  • Save time finishing daily tasks.
  • Have the best tools for salespeople.
  • Streamline key parts of the sales process.
  • Assist sales teams for peak performance.
  • Seamlessly integrate into CRMs.
  • More efficient sales targeting.
  • Make use of valuable data.
  • Work with smarter results.
  • Optimize problem-solving.
  • Increase sales productivity.

Save Time Finishing Daily Tasks

The first advantage of AI for sales is time-saving capabilities that can streamline redundant tasks in the sales process. Inputting and sorting data shouldn't take hours away from a salesperson's week. Instead, sales AI tools can take over these time-consuming tasks to free up salespeople to focus on only what they can do—sell to clients and continue making meaningful sales relationships. Using task management tools in conjunction with other CRM compatible tools can save time and enhance performance for sales teams.

Have the Best Tools for Salespeople

Ensuring salespeople have the best tools at their disposal is the second advantage of sales AI. There are several different types of sales AI tools and each one can equip salespeople to accomplish their best-informed selling. With AI for sales, there's no need to fear a total robotic replacement of expert salespeople. Instead, these tools are to help salespeople and are best used as supplemental additions to the sales process to further elevate performance.

Streamline Key Parts of the Sales Process

The third benefit of sales AI is how it can improve key parts of the sales process. Prospecting, lead scoring, client engagement, and sales forecasting are all important stages that can be optimized with AI for sales. Data searching and predictive features help each of these stages to further equip salespeople to best perform. Only sales AI tools can offer benefits at so many different parts of the sales process.

Assist Sales Teams for Peak Performance

Along with benefiting the sales process, AI for sales tools act as an advantage for key people in your business. Most notably salespeople benefit from AI tools that help manage time-consuming tasks and can perform large data searches that offer relevant insights. Also, a sales team's data scientist can use AI tools to complement CRM systems like Salesforce Einstein. As mentioned, providing the best tools will more likely ensure the best results from sales teams.

Seamlessly Integrate into CRMs

The fifth benefit of AI for sales begins the next section of optimization, data. The advantage of seamlessly integrating sales AI tools with existing CRM platforms means never losing any valuable data points that can be used to fuel more efficient selling. All of these other benefits of sales AI are rooted in their convenience of being seamlessly integrated into existing CRM platforms. For additional insights into adopting sales AI into workflows, check out this complete guide to artificial intelligence for sales.

Assist Your CRM With AI

Sales AI tools like intelligent market monitors can supercharge CRM platforms with external signals and action cards at point-of-impact. This means alerting salespeople of hidden revenue opportunities that otherwise would have been missed, even with other sales AI tools. Acting as an AI sales assistant, these kinds of tools fall under the benefit of easy CRM integration. Many of these tools would otherwise be unusable without a straightforward adoption into current workflows.

More Efficient Sales Targeting

Another advantage of sales AI is more efficient sales targeting. This sixth benefit is all about sales teams knowing where to focus their attention and efforts in selling. Better segmentation and intelligent opportunity qualification mean knowing which leads to follow up with first and how to best approach potential clients. With digital sales playbooks built from billions of relevant buying signals, salespeople can be well-informed to best serve clients.

Make Use of Valuable Data

Completing the advantages of optimizing data, the seventh benefit of sales AI is making use of valuable data that would otherwise go to waste. Data shouldn't sit on a shelf and never be used, it should be understood and implemented to better serve the sales process and salespeople. AI for sales tools are built using this kind of demographic and behavioral information that is usually saved but not put to work. Predictive lead scoring is the perfect example of using existing client data to establish future growth.

Work With Smarter Results

The key to optimizing decision making is ensuring your sales team is up to date with the most relevant information. With the overwhelming amount of external data to search through and make sense of, no single salesperson could successfully manage. Instead, with the help of machine assistance, it is now possible to make fully informed decisions. Sales AI tools that collect and analyze billions of data points from your clients, organization, and industry ensures that your team is working with the most comprehensive data results possible.

Optimize Problem-Solving

Of all the steps in the sales process, each decision should be made with great confidence. To assure this kind of certainty, sales AI tools can go a long way. May it be with the help of lead scoring or price optimization, AI tools can provide the kind of insights that best inform salespeople. Knowing which lead to follow first or how much of a discount to apply doesn't have to only fall on salespeople anymore, AI for sales is here to help.

Increase Sales Productivity

The final benefit of AI for sales is increasing team productivity. Because time-consuming and redundant tasks are managed by AI tools, salespeople can focus on the kind of interpersonal selling that only they can do. The smartest decision for your sales team could be the easiest—decide to equip your salespeople with the best sales AI tools.

Limitations of AI for Sales

Even with this curated list of the best benefits of sales AI, it's wise to acknowledge the limitations of artificial intelligence. Namely, it doesn't compete with the irreplaceable talents of expert salespeople and their strong interpersonal skills. Rather, sales AI tools can be a supplemental accomplice to some of the most streamlined and well-informed selling. Follow the advice for creating AI-supported salespeople and you can go beyond any limitations.

Use an Intelligent Market Monitor

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