The Top 10 Benefits of Salesforce AI

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated November 12, 2020

The top 10 benefits of Salesforce AI include access to comprehensive market research, the ability to focus on high-value tasks, and optimized use of client information. The real value in Salesforce AI is in its ease and customization possibilities, including the ability to add in intelligent market monitors to fill in the gap of billions of external signals missing from CRM.

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Salesforce AI Is Smart CRM Technology

Since its initial push in 2016 with Einstein, Salesforce AI has become fully integrated with many of the signature products from the popular CRM. These intelligent features are powered by machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. AI is expanding, and related fields like sales process mining are emerging with new digital tools to transform existing CRM and BI infrastructures.

The Top 10 Salesforce AI Benefits Hold Value

Listed below are the top 10 benefits of Salesforce AI. The following sections go into more detail to follow up on what makes each so valuable to users. Many of these benefits are directly related to Salesforce Einstein and its seamless integrations with other intelligent tools.

  • Conduct comprehensive market research.
  • Focus on high-value tasks.
  • Forecast with confidence.
  • Build custom predictive models with ease.
  • Learn where to focus resources efficiently.
  • Exceed client expectations.
  • Optimize the use of client data.
  • Sales teams are equipped with digital sales playbooks.
  • Marketing teams can target clients.
  • Stay ahead of the curve in AI adoption.

#1: Conduct Comprehensive Market Research

The list starts with one of our favorite benefits of Salesforce AI—the ability to conduct comprehensive market research better than ever before. For a company that dedicates a considerable amount of resources to academic and business research, Salesforce knows something about examining a field and drawing meaningful conclusions. This is possible because Salesforce AI can use both internal client information and external data signals from additional intelligent tools. This means a business receives the most comprehensive insights possible.

Benefit From Intelligent Market Monitors

It's important to realize that the additional intelligent tools that offer external data insights are integral to Salesforce AI's ability to produce a complete picture for a business. When adding these tools, make sure that they are strategic partners of Salesforce so that seamless integrations are a given. Intelligent market monitors go beyond traditional market research to identify hidden opportunities and generate leads in net new markets. This is a valuable benefit for teams looking to maximize their CRM capabilities and best equip themselves to serve clients.

#2: Focus on High-Value Tasks

Moving onto the second benefit of Salesforce AI, the value of automation should not be overlooked. In previous articles, sales automation was reviewed as an important process for teams to adopt. Einstein makes it easier to identify and activate automation workflows so that employees can focus on accomplishing high-value tasks instead of being consumed by repetitive chores. If a business is new to automation, read the Complete Guide to Preparing Sales Automation for an introduction to the project.

#3: Forecast With Confidence

The next benefit to highlight is being able to forecast with confidence. As mentioned, Salesforce AI has unique access to client information if it's a business's current CRM. Using these data points, the Einstein Forecasting tool can easily be enabled in the Sales Cloud to deliver AI-powered intelligence. For the full picture of what's happening within and beyond a business, add in those intelligent market monitors to maximize CRM experience.

#4: Build Custom Predictive Models With Ease

Another reason to love Salesforce AI? The ease of building custom predictive models without having to spend hours on coding. This benefit stands out and speaks to Salesforce's commitment to making AI accessible to businesses regardless of their size or industry. These personal insights are important and show how customized analyses make the difference.

Data Science Without Data Scientists

The ability to build these custom models shouldn't go unnoticed. The ease with which Salesforce AI makes the process means that small businesses without data scientists can still unlock the value of data science to understand their clients. The best tools in the sales process are ones that add value and are still easy to use.

#5: Learn Where To Focus Resources Efficiently

The next benefit of Salesforce AI is guidance about where to focus time and resources. With lead scoring features that rank the likelihood of conversion of new prospects, salespeople can quickly identify which opportunities are best to focus on first. Not only that, but sales teams can get an idea of where their leads are in the sales process and target specific messaging for where they may be. As time goes on and these lead scoring tools are used more, they get more adept at helping the team—an idea explored more in the Total Guide to Salesforce AI.

#6: Exceed Client Expectations

Exceeding client expectations is the focus of any successful business. A simple way to ensure no client question or concern gets missed is to set up Einstein Language and Einstein Bots to use the intelligence of natural language processing. Match these Salesforce AI features with other digital tools that offer product talking points and salespeople will be best equipped to engage with clients.

#7: Optimize the Use of Client Data

As mentioned, Salesforce is a popular CRM because it's easy to use and offers comprehensive support to its users. This is part of the appeal of Salesforce AI and the next benefit on the list—a business can optimize its use of client data. Chances are, all of the possible demographic and behavioral data a business needs to build predictive models is already stored on Sales Cloud. For follow up information on the topic, check out the Best Practices of Data in Salesforce AI to review steps like identifying business goals and automating basic processes.

Use the Right Kind Of Data

Data is key to AI. Think of it as the fuel that makes everything possible. Machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision all rely on the right kind of information so that they can perform to their best ability. Outside of the internal data stored on CRM platforms, there are billions of external signals that can prove relevant to your business.

#8: Best Equip Sales Teams With Digital Sales Playbooks

The eighth benefit of Salesforce AI is its seamless integrations for dynamic digital playbooks. These tools are perfect for sales teams looking for the most comprehensive resources available because they're based on analyzing 150 proprietary signals from billions of external data points. With the right digital sales playbook, sales teams leverage both CRM data and relevant external signals.

#9: Marketing Teams Can Target Clients

The benefits of Salesforce AI are not exclusive to salespeople, marketing teams can also find immense value. In the Total Guide to Salesforce AI, the possibilities for marketers are overviewed. With Einstein Segmentation, teams can analyze similar clusters within their audience and then automate this process. This means it's possible to quickly understand the clusters and follow up with targeted messages for their needs.

#10: Stay Ahead of the Curve in AI Adoption

The final benefit of Salesforce AI thinks about the future of work—a future in which intelligent tools are the norm. The success and promise of Salesforce Einstein prove that AI is not something to look forward to; instead, it's here now and ready to use. The greatest value of any service is in its actual use when fully adopted into workflows.

Get the Most Out of Salesforce AI

To fully benefit from Salesforce AI, consider adding intelligent market monitors that process the external data points that count. At Aptivio we understand how to harness the power of sales AI tools to fuel efficient growth. Our Aptivio Intelligent Market Monitor for Sales creates simple dynamic digital sales playbooks from billions of buying signals to maximize your CRM investment.

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