The Total Guide to Salesforce AI

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated November 1, 2020

Businesses wanting to adopt the new standard of work are looking towards Salesforce AI to integrate intelligent tools into their teams. From data-driven insights to custom-built models, business teams can utilize AI tools like intelligent market monitors to achieve success.

What's inside this article:

Salesforce AI Is All About Einstein

Most of the AI capabilities on Salesforce can be found on Einstein. Since 2016 they've used Einstein to promote AI for everyone. Their democratization of the technology has made it available to small businesses that might not otherwise have thought it feasible to use machine learning and custom data models for their workflows. As AI becomes the standard, intelligent tools are elevating what it means to accomplish tasks in all areas of business including sales, marketing, and finance.

A Top Rated CRM Has an AI Focus

Salesforce is the go-to CRM for many businesses looking to centralize data and streamline client information. It's a top-rated platform for a reason, with dozens of positive reviews coming out each year. Specifically for Einstein, Salesforce has been able to bring AI features directly to businesses wanting to take advantage of the technology. Users can now discover insights, predict outcomes, and automate workflows with the help of Salesforce AI.

Salesforce AI Is Backed by Research

On the topic of Salesforce AI, it's worth exploring the technology a bit more to understand how these features work. Breaking down and learning about machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision allows for a full appreciation of all the benefits afforded by Salesforce AI. Although it may seem like AI is the latest catch-all term to describe the future of work, it has a long history as an intensely researched area of study for several decades now.

Salesforce AI Uses Machine Learning

Machine learning sets AI apart from other digital tools. It allows for these intelligent features to learn for themselves over time. In the case of Salesforce AI, think of features like Einstein Discovery that find relevant patterns in data to deliver insights and recommendations. Businesses can even use additional AI tools like intelligent market monitors in the Salesforce platform to elevate active learning features and get the most out of the CRM.

Know What to Say With Salesforce AI

As mentioned, AI isn't the invention of screenwriters creating entertaining robot apocalypse movies. It's a highly researched field of study that is developing real-world tools to improve business. With natural language processing, features like Einstein Language and Einstein Bots continually learn the best ways to communicate with clients. The ambiguity of human language can make natural language processing difficult to master, but with continued use, these tools get more advanced and in tune with what works best for your business.

Salesforce AI Sees More

Computer vision gets talked about less in AI conversations compared to machine learning and natural language processing, but that doesn't mean its capabilities are any less exciting. It allows for visual pattern identification and data processing which means our digital tools are starting to learn more about the images we post online. For business, this means another way of elevating workflows through streamlined data processing. AI features using computer vision can recognize products and brands relevant to your business allowing for your team to remain focused on actionable steps towards growth instead of sorting through data for hours.

Understand What Salesforce AI Can Do

Now that we have a better understanding of the types of AI out there, we can get into what Salesforce AI brings to the table. We'll do a brief overview of two major achievements here and we go more in-depth in our article, Everything Salesforce AI Can Do in 2020. From discovering insights to predicting outcomes, Salesforce has proved valuable for businesses interested in adopting AI.

Find Hidden Opportunities With Salesforce AI

A lot of what we love about Salesforce AI is its ability to sort through the data to find hidden opportunities and points of optimization for our businesses. From identifying relevant patterns to engaging with customers in more personal ways, Salesforce AI offers significant value from the data already stored on your CRM. Additional AI tools that work seamlessly within the Salesforce dashboard go further to create impactful action cards for salespeople generated by analyzing billions of external data points.

Predicting Outcomes Is Easier On Einstein

From what we understand about machine learning, Salesforce AI gets more intuitive with continued use. These active learning features make data more valuable because it's used to build custom models to predict relevant insights like churn risk and likelihood to convert. These AI suggestions are particularly helpful for salespeople who can benefit from action cards built by external signals processed by intelligent tools.

Salesforce AI Means Business

What we love about Salesforce AI is that it was built for businesses. There are relevant tools for every part of the team—from service to sales, there are specific features that can transform what it means to use your CRM for growing your business. As part of this total guide to Salesforce AI, we'll be looking over how these tools can help in these different parts of the business team. We'll start with marketing and end with sales to learn how AI works to support the efforts of expert employees.

Marketing Is Made Easy With Salesforce AI

With Salesforce AI, marketers have access to data-driven insights and recommendations that can make a positive impact on both customer journeys and interactions. According to Salesforce, your marketing team will get to know your clients better through marketing engagements, brand interactions, and social media conversations. Also, Salesforce AI makes it easier to create personalized messages and content through features like Einstein Language that can detect the intent of client messages. Additional intelligent tools can be included in the Salesforce dashboard to focus on account-based marketing, thus strategically providing a clearly defined set of target accounts in net new markets.

Best Serve Clients With the Right AI

At the core of successful businesses are teams that best serve their clients' needs and expectations. With the help of natural language processing features, Salesforce AI can help your clients find simple answers to their common questions. As we know, when teams have the most intelligent resources and tools available, they can best serve clients to increase satisfaction and prevent churn.

Salesforce AI Equips Expert Salespeople

To wrap up our overview of Salesforce AI by the different roles it elevates, we have the salespeople. One of the most basic ways to adopt AI is through automating repetitive processes that can take up hours in a salesperson's week. We've explored sales automation in previous articles and they're worth checking out to understand its benefits. Beyond automation, Salesforce AI equips salespeople with the intelligent insights and predictions about clients so that they may perform their best selling.

Intelligent Market Monitors Extend Salesforce AI Benefits

Salesforce has a reputation for excellent products and customer service. Its intent to create AI for everyone even goes beyond its tools. Salesforce allows seamless integrations of external digital tools that can go even further for businesses looking to grow and expand into new markets. Intelligent market monitors give sales teams the extra level of knowledge to go beyond in serving their clients with the most up to date and comprehensive research and AI recommendations.

Make Better Decisions With Salesforce AI

For both Salesforce and other CRM users, relevant AI use cases will help your business make the best decisions for your team and clients. Salesforce created a useful guide for breaking down several use cases that are probably familiar to you. Depending on the department and relevant KPI, the guide offers different examples of when Salesforce AI tools can do more than employees alone.

Realize the Importance of Data

From what we've learned about Salesforce AI so far, we can surmise that data is the root of making it all work. For existing users of the Salesforce CRM, this makes integrating AI incredibly easy. Because the relevant client information is already stored on the Salesforce dashboard, these AI tools have easy access to the important data that will reveal insightful recommendations and valuable predictions.

Salesforce AI Is Available With or Without Data Scientists

For larger teams with a data scientist, Salesforce AI lets them accomplish more of their work by easily storing all of the important relevant data as mentioned before. For small businesses with tighter budgets and fewer employees, there's no worry about recruiting a data scientist to make AI a reality. The ease of Salesforce AI extends to these smaller teams and allows them to access the same AI capabilities like custom predictive models and insightful sales recommendations—all without an additional data scientist.

Additional Tools That Transform Salesforce AI

Salesforce AI is an excellent resource for businesses eager to adopt the new standard of work. It wouldn't be complete without the additional AI tools that further equip expert sales teams. At Aptivio we understand how to harness the power of sales AI tools to fuel efficient growth. Our Aptivio Intelligent Market Monitor for Sales creates simple dynamic digital sales playbooks from billions of buying signals to maximize your CRM investment.

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