The Ultimate Guide to Sales Automation

By Aptivio | Updated July 21, 2020

Sales automation is an effective technique that seamlessly integrates into Salesforce and other CRMs to streamline workflows and exceed client expectations. To elevate your business even further, artificially intelligent platforms can transform current CRMs into digital sales machines.

What's inside this article:

Automation Now and in the Future

Automation of any kind can face pushback as seen in this article about industrial automation. But, a reasonable approach and integration of automation can prove successful. By properly reviewing what automation can do, how to use it efficiently, and why it can enhance workflows we can understand it in this ultimate guide to sales automation.

Defining Sales Automation is Important

Before going into all of the alluring details about what makes automation so useful and attractive, it helps to define what exactly we're talking about. Sales automation means using digital tools to replace the time-consuming tasks that typically have to be done by salespeople and it usually can be integrated right into your CRM.Sales automation can include opportunity detection, tracking tools, or document management.

Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence with Automation

The standard manual work of salespeople is time-consuming, but instead could be mechanized using artificial intelligence or software. Sales automation can accomplish some of the daily, weekly, and monthly routines of sales reps and managers. And as said, it can be easily accessible into the Salesforce Cloud or CRM.

Integrating Sales Automation into Your CRM

Sales automation is a benefit because it's supposed to make difficult or time-consuming tasks easier. It's also great because it's simple to integrate into Salesforce or other CRM. That's the key to what makes sales automation so effective—it's useful and it's seamless to implement.

Smooth integration is a key factor in deciding which services are the best fit for your business. Consider your CRM, marketing automation systems, and premium subscriptions when thinking about adopting a new service into sales processes.

Salesforce is Already Automating for You

The Salesforce Cloud already allows for automation in business processes with Lightning Flow. You can build, manage, and run the ideal automated flows and processes for your business. In terms of marketing automation, Salesforce's Pardot can help with pipeline generation and meaningful connections. Functions like these mean automation is even more accessible than you thought.

Sales Automation is for Small Business Too

Who is sales automation for? It's not only large corporations that can benefit, but also small businesses that may find that with smaller teams and tighter budgets, automation helps go further. Industries like Enterprise Software, Business Advisory, Corporate Banking, and Asset Management particularly benefit from automated services.

Automating the Sales Process is Easy

By now, we know that automation works. Forbes just published an article saying that we should even automate corporate gifting to save time and resources. To automate the sales process, it's important to consider what tasks can best be enhanced and what types of tools are needed to do so.

Lead generation, email campaigns, and prospect tracking can all be turned into automated processes that are revamped by automation tools. The best way to integrate these tools could be as simple as taking advantage of the full Salesforce Cloud or other CRMs.

Automate Prospecting to Find Better Leads

Identifying potential customers, or even detecting hidden revenue opportunities, is a lot easier with automation. Take the time to set a filter through certain criteria once and potential customers will continue to come through. This kind of sorting, if done manually, could take hours each week. Instead, automate the process and let the results come to you.

Go Further with Your Leads

By integrating automation into your CRM or using a service like Aptivio, prospecting goes even further. Aptivio uses artificial intelligence to detect hidden or missed revenue opportunities and figure out the best window of opportunity to engage business buyers. And even more, an automation technique like predictive lead scoring can further elevate the sales process by qualifying all the leads found in automated prospecting.

Automating Communication Can Be Done Successfully

Using sales automation wisely means knowing when and where to use it—and not. Written communication is an important part of the sales process, from greetings to follow-ups to reminders, each plays a part in cultivating a positive client relationship. And if done correctly, each of these manual emails could be automated.

Be Wise About Automated Messaging

Make sure to assign the best times to send these automated messages and find ways to include personalizations for each client to feel more genuine. Features like Salesforce Einstein now take advantage of artificial intelligence with natural language processing, meaning every word and phrasing can be optimized.

Knowing What to Say with Automated Communication

Salesforce's Einstein Language helps figure out how to say what you want, but figuring out what to say can be even more important. To do so, try using tools like Aptivio's Daily Briefs that keep teams up to date on client interests, important news, lawsuits, corporate events, and critical job changes.

Can Sales Calls Be Automated? Yes

Even our phone calls can be artificially enhanced now. It's called conversation intelligence tools. They'll transcribe and analyze conversations so sales reps can confidently move forward making more calls instead of dwelling on past ones. Automation tools like these can be integrated into current CRMs and other premium subscriptions.

Connect with Clients while Automating

A feature like Aptivio's Buyer Connect helps sales teams engage faster, a key benefit of using sales automation for communication. It automatically resolves emails, phone, and office information for your opportunities instantly. You can schedule a demo to learn more about Buyer Connect.

Automate Your Documents Now

Proposals, quotes, and contracts often have repetitive information between documents and different clients. Automating this part of the sales process with products like Sales Cloud from Salesforce can isolate key details and transfer information where needed. Also, by defining an internal workflow the right person gets the document at the right time to sign.

Transferring administrative information between documents and thinking ahead to remind customers are the exact types of tasks that can be automated into a streamlined process. This blog post accurately describes how tedious tasks like document management can be automated to free up sales experts.

The Many Benefits of Sales Automation

We know what sales automation is and we know who it's for, now into the long list of benefits, including maximizing your CRM investment. Automation elevates the sales process because sales reps can spend more time connecting with leads and clients while administrative work gets taken care of by technology. That means less time doing data entry for sales reps and a better experience for clients.

Here's a longer list of all the reasons sales automation benefits our businesses.

  • Identify potential revenue opportunities
  • Improve productivity and performance of salespeople
  • Become more efficient as a sales team
  • Accelerate the sales process while increasing accuracy
  • Reduce fall through of sales leads
  • Ensure rapid response times
  • Maintain sales data consistency across teams
  • Optimize resources for small teams or budgets
  • Seamless Salesforce and other CRM integrations

Using Automation for Successful Customer Relationships

Sales automation is one of the most effective ways to develop more successful customer relationships. With automation taking care of the tedious tasks, sales teams can focus on their customers and achieve joint wins more efficiently than before. By automating key functions of the sales process, managers can more easily track progress and sales teams can personalize customer interactions.

Automation Can Be the Future

With so many decisions to make about the current status and future of industries, the minutiae of the sales process should not be one of them. We're smarter now and we have the technology to advance current workflows. Artificial intelligence can help us accomplish more informed selling and work better than before.

Aptivio's Understanding of Sales Automation

Aptivio uses billions of company behavior data points to determine the best sales indicators for opportunities and risks. Opportunity assessment like this is one of the most influential types of enhanced sales automation that can be integrated into your CRM. As an AI SaaS for B2B sellers, we at Aptivio understand what it means to use automation to improve productivity and performance.

Our Aptivio Intelligent Market Monitor for Sales creates a simple dynamic digital sales playbook. It can separate the important signals from the noise and discover the complex relationships in markets that would otherwise be missed. Aptivio assists efficient growth to ensure clients reach their goals. Ready to learn more? Get started for FREE today!

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