Top 5 Benefits of Lead Scoring

By Aptivio | Updated July 27th, 2020

These top five benefits of lead scoring demonstrate its effectiveness as an automation tool in the sales process. To further elevate the technique, connect it with a digital sales playbook powered by artificial intelligence for CRM.

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What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is a sales and marketing technique for prioritizing the value of leads which are most likely to become clients. It uses data like demographic and behavioral information to assign these values. Lead scoring tops lists as the first recommendation for optimizing digital marketing because of its effectiveness in elevating sales processes.

Choose Predictive Lead Scoring

There are two types of lead scoring, manual and predictive. The one you choose will depend on the data you're using and your target results. You could do it yourself with manual lead scoring methods (but this gets complicated quickly) or trust predictive lead scoring models to automatically get results. For a more detailed explanation, read about the best ways to use lead scoring in this blog post.

Lead Scoring Elevates the Sales Process

Why take the time to learn and integrate lead scoring into sales? Because it elevates the process and helps sales teams work more efficiently. Coupled with an intelligent market monitor, lead scoring can transform current CRM capabilities into being more productive and fueling more growth.

Benefits of Using Lead Scoring

To seriously consider adopting lead scoring techniques, you should know the top five benefits. Many of these benefits are also the reasons why we love sales automation. Here's the simple list and then we get into more detailed reasons.

  • Focus on opportunities that matter.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Align marketing and sales.
  • Better understand your leads.
  • Improve the sales experience for clients.

Focus on Opportunities that Matter

This is a big reason to love lead scoring and why it's listed as our first top benefit. Lead scoring ranks the quality of all your leads, making it easy to quickly identify which are most worth pursuing. Lead scoring means fewer lost opportunities, increased conversions, and higher ROI. Also, in conjunction with a tool that performs qualification for predicting the likelihood of opportunity close and needs, the sales process can be fully integrated with the best tools for success.

Intelligent Focusing Means Better Results

Knowing which leads are most likely to convert doesn't mean focusing only on top predictions. It also means knowing how to cater to leads that are typically less likely to convert using previous sales methods. This could mean adjusting marketing content or anticipating hesitations with leads that score as less likely to convert. Sales narrative features from CRM-intelligent tools go further to help with more informed selling insights.

Increase Productivity with Lead Scoring

As mentioned, much of what we love about lead scoring is what we love about sales automation. Scoring leads, specifically with predictive methods, saves time by automatically sorting through the leads that are most likely to convert to clients. This means salespeople know where to focus and can get more done in the same amount of time.

Salespeople are More Productive with Lead Scoring!

Because lead scoring gives insight about the value of each lead, salespeople can best determine how to focus their attention. In addition to lead scoring, account insight tools can provide salespeople with all of the information they need to make informed decisions about how and when to sell.

Lead Scoring Aligns Sales and Marketing

In terms of business automation, lead scoring elevates the process for both sales and marketing teams. Efficient scoring methods utilize the expertise of marketing and insights from salespeople. Each department offers their perspectives to collaboratively create a mutually beneficial method to be integrated into workflows. Read more about how predictive lead scoring remains one of the marketing automation trends we should pay attention to.

Team Integration Elevates Lead Scoring

Both sales and marketing teams are critical for lead scoring success. Marketing provides the content that first introduces many leads. And salespeople give feedback about the kinds of questions and hesitations leads may have. Integrating these spheres of insight is just as important as finding the tools that best integrate into your CRM.

Better Understand Your Clients with Lead Scoring

Businesses have a better understanding of their clients if they collect, analyze, and make sense of the demographic and behavioral data available to them. Lead scoring does just that, which means you can more comprehensively interpret current and future clients. By using a lead scoring method in conjunction with a pipeline situational awareness feature from artificial intelligence tools, sales teams receive the full picture of their clients, opportunities, and risks.

Data is the Powerful Resource You Already Have

Ultimately, lead scoring starts with the data you have about your existing clients. Narrowing down what commonalities there are in current clients builds the scoring model that can predict who is most likely to become the next client. This blog article discusses the inherent value of client data.

Lead Scoring Improves the Sales Experience for Clients

Because lead scoring aligns sales and marketing, both teams get accurate information to work from. Sales and marketing teams can more personally cater to potential clients' needs with lead scoring. Successful lead scoring can mean tailored made content created by marketing and specific questions already anticipated and answered by salespeople. For a further explanation about automation improving the sales process, read this article about data analytics.

More Benefits of Predictive Lead Scoring

Earlier we explained a bit about the difference between manual and predictive lead scoring, but here are more reasons why predictive lead scoring is probably the better choice. The demographic and behavioral information used to evaluate leads can quickly become large and complicated data sets. To save time and frustration, predictive lead scoring uses machine learning to do the work—a method also used to power intelligent market monitors.

Lead Scoring That Does More

Another benefit of predictive lead scoring? It can get smarter the more you use it. Machine learning tools understand intentions and goals with consistent use—so the more you use these tools, the more insightful they become. Active learning features are key to artificially intelligent tools offered by services like Aptivio.

Integrate Lead Scoring through CRMs

All of the benefits of lead scoring don't mean much if your team never actually gets to use it. Luckily, your current CRM probably makes it easy to integrate lead scoring. Both Pardot, the marketing automation tool, and Salesforce Einstein can and identify the best leads and predict which are most likely to convert. Add another tool that analyzes billions of buying signals and you can transform your CRM into a digital sales machine.

Sales Automation is the Bigger Picture

The benefits of lead scoring mirror many of the benefits of sales automation. Improved productivity, increased performance, and accelerated sales growth—goals any business wants to achieve. Lead scoring fits perfectly into the larger project of integrating automation practices into the workflows of sales teams. Here's a reminder of all the benefits of sales automation listed more in-depth in this Ultimate Guide to Sales Automation.

Aptivio's Understanding of Lead Scoring

As an autonomous sales prospecting tool, Aptivio processes billions of company behavior data points to generate and determine the most relevant information for your business. Features like automated prospecting, opportunity pathway, and opportunity qualification all support the fundamental goal of lead scoring that easily integrates into your CRM.

Aptivio's Intelligent Market Monitor for Sales goes beyond lead scoring capabilities to provide right time client engagement notification. It plots the buyer lifecycle stages and notifies when to engage at the right time. This means the benefits of lead scoring can go further with even smarter tools. Ready to learn more? Get started for FREE today!

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