When to Use Salesforce Analytics

By Miko DiGiacomo-Castillo | Updated Nov 12, 2020

Salesforce Analytics is a powerful set of tools to help businesses at every stage of the sales process with intelligent features that help with opportunity detection, client engagement, and sales forecasting. These kinds of data insights are invaluable if you know when to use them and with additional AI tools, like intelligent market monitors, businesses can go even further.

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What is Salesforce Einstein?

Einstein is the AI software from Salesforce that helps visualize data and offer insights for sales teams. Its features are built on machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to help your business do more with AI. Building predictive models and engaging clients has never been easier. With Salesforce Einstein your CRM can be elevated to new levels, but the questions remain, when and how do you use it?

Let KPI Be Your Guide

The answer to when is the best time to use Salesforce Analytics depends on two key factors—the department you're focusing on and the KPI that matters most for the team. From sales to marketing to finance, Salesforce can be used at different times for optimal use. If your salespeople are most concerned with opportunity to win ratio, they'll be more inclined to use opportunity scoring features rather than the finance team using forecasting features to predict the performance of sales teams for budgeting. These two key factors will be a big hint in realizing when to use Salesforce Analytics.

Salesforce Analytics Is the Salesperson's Tool

At the core of Salesforce Analytics is a set of tools that are made for salespeople and sales teams. The data insights and custom models can be invaluable for expert salespeople as they are looking to level up their efficiency and focus on building positive client relationships. Salesforce made it easy to plug in additional digital tools to maximize the platform. With Einstein, salespeople have the resources they need to accomplish their sales goals.

Use Salesforce at Every Step

If Salesforce Analytics is the tool for salespeople, then when should they use it? We've isolated key parts of the sales process in which a platform like Einstein can be an incredible asset for expert salespeople. From opportunity detection to client engagement, Salesforce Analytics and other AI tools can help salespeople streamline their workflow and increase their productivity.

Detect Opportunities With AI

When the sales process starts at opportunity detection, it helps to have custom tools to get the job done. Salesforce Analytics offers features like Einstein Discovery to help with this. To go even further, there are other intelligent digital tools that perform unique hidden opportunity detection. As an added bonus, these tools seamlessly integrate to the Salesforce dashboard and Einstein services.

Salesforce Analytics Helps Lead Scoring

A long list of leads can only get you so far. Where do you start? Who's worth contacting? Questions like these are made easier with lead scoring as it ranks according to who is most likely to convert. Insights like these can save time and help create custom client journeys depending on their interest—luckily, Einstein offers features to help and there are other tools that deliver similar opportunity research to find the prospects worth ranking.

Sales Insights From Einstein

Expert salespeople have the skills to build meaningful relationships. They should have all the tools and resources to continue this work. We love Salesforce Analytics for sales insights because it helps make sense of all the data. When we ranked its best features, Einstein Prediction Builder was favored because it makes it easy to create custom AI models that deliver the sales insights and business outcome predictions most relevant for salespeople.

Salesforce Analytics Uses Natural Language Processing

Salesforce Analytics isn't just for data science insights, it's also for meaningfully engaging with your clients. With features like Einstein Language and Einstein Bots, sales teams can understand exactly what clients are feeling and interested in learning more about. Then, they can set up automated messaging that actually does a good job of serving clients looking for simple solutions. So, use these features for setting up effortless processes and then leave the more complex conversations up to the salespeople.

Who Should Use Salesforce Analytics?

The question of when to use Salesforce Analytics may also extend to who can use it? From small business to enterprise, there's a Salesforce product and other AI tools that can help the team. Depending on each business, there will be points of the sales process that are more critical than others and that's where these digital tools come in. Learning more in our Everything to Know About Salesforce Analytics in 2020 article offers further insights into the Salesforce product.

Small Business Can Get More Done on Einstein

AI and automation aren't just for large corporations. With a CRM like Salesforce, they're more available (and necessary) than you might think. A smaller sales team with tighter budgets can get more out of automating repetitive processes that usually occupy salespeople's time. With the right digital tools working in conjunction with Salesforce, small businesses can accomplish everything they desire.

Balancing Mid-Sized Businesses Is Easier With Salesforce

Mid-sized businesses can expect to be balancing the work of continually searching for new clients while satisfying the clients who brought them there so far. A lot of the guesswork that comes with this is taken away by Salesforce Analytics. Einstein Next Best Action clues in the sales team on what to focus on and what may come next.

Enterprises Should Already Have AI

At enterprise-level businesses staying ahead of mainstream trends is critical. That's why AI and automation processes should already be common at this size. Even at large scale, Salesforce Analytics remains one of the best platforms for data insights and team management. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with all of the other digital tools required to transform CRM into digital sales machines.

A Solution for Every Industry

Depending on the industry, there may be a certain time in the sales process when it's critical to use Salesforce Analytics. Einstein is a platform with many features and benefits. These unique capabilities can serve across industries. From financial services to advanced manufacturing, there's an ideal AI solution to streamline workflows and elevate salespeople.

Data-Driven Insights for Financial Services

Data-driven insights are a must for financial services. Einstein Analytics offers industry-specific products to serve every wealth advisor and retail banker. From descriptive and diagnostic to predictive and prescriptive, financial services teams get the full spectrum of analytics. Look for intelligent market monitors to go further and detect the opportunities and risks through intent interest categories and corporate events.

AI Features for Professional Services

Professional services are a breadth of businesses that offer their own unique insights for their clients. To ensure that these clients remain satisfied and return, consider optimizing your customer service processes with Salesforce features. Einstein Language and Einstein Bots are perfect to use once your leads and prospects have converted to clients. Use these and other AI features when it's time to engage and continue positive client relationships.

Next Best Actions for Every Team

Technology, media, and telecommunications businesses need quantitative data insights to make their best moves. Salesforce supports this with Einstein Next Best Action. The right time to use this Salesforce Analytics feature is when a sales team wants to define recommendations, create action strategies or activate automation. As mentioned, it's easy to add in other AI tools like intelligent market monitors with the Salesforce CRM.

A Reliable Solution From Salesforce Analytics

Businesses in advanced manufacturing are looking for reliable solutions to help forecast projections with data-driven predictions. You should use Einstein Prediction Builder and other AI tools that detect hidden revenue opportunities. With the power of custom-built AI and no opportunity left uncovered, sales teams in advanced manufacturing can elevate their workflows and better serve clients.

Don't Wait, Adopt AI Now

Some businesses may want to wait to adopt AI until it's mainstream or a necessity. If you think waiting until the very end is the right time, you're wrong. Early adopters will gain huge advantages that other businesses won't be able to catch up to. Starting AI in your CRM with a platform like Einstein is probably the easiest way to go about adoption for those who are still hesitant.

Salesforce Analytics Is Better With Additional Tools

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