Transform CRM into a Digital Sales Machine

Our Aptivio Intelligent Market Monitor for Sales creates a simple dynamic digital sales playbook from billions of buying signals. Maximizing your CRM investment, we provide the missing link that fuels efficient growth.

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Automated Prospecting

Uncover hidden revenue opportunities and prospects most likely to convert

Opportunity Qualification

Analyze billions of buying signals to predict likelihood of opportunity close and needs

Right-Timing Client Engagement

Plot the buyer lifecycle stages and engage at the right-time

Pipeline Situational Awareness

Make your sales and marketing pipelines aware of important buying signals and external risks

Opportunity Pathway

Identify relevant buyers from LinkedIn and other sources automatically

Buyers Connectivity

Resolve verified direct contact info, leverage existing relationships, and personalize outreach

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Aptivio AI Service helps us accelerate the sales transformation projects of our top B2B Clients.
Mark Taylor - Chief Experience Officer, Capgemini
We are successfully working with Aptivio on tier-1 Corporate Banking Clients and Alternative Asset Managers.
Matt Singleton - Partner, CapCo Digital
Aptivio is processing billions of data points daily on the Oracle Cloud.
Nicolas de Becco - Senior Director, Oracle for Startups


Why autonomous sales prospecting?

We replicate the best practices of your most informed sales person. With the exponential increase in relevant data, it is impossible make fully informed decisions without machine assistance. Situational awareness of opportunities will drive efficient selling.

Are you a marketing automation tool?

No. We complement existing marketing automation tools. Paired with CRM, Aptivio helps you understand the secrets behind conversion and increase repeatability.

Are you a lead generation tool?

We can and do generate qualified prospects, but that is where the similarity ends. As an opportunity research tool, you get current situational awareness of a potential client with talking points, active interest locations, surge tracking and probability timelines over 6 months to maximize close rates with proper timing.

How do you measure revenue impact?

Paired with CRM, we add 15% to 30% net new revenue opportunities from your active market, while we also learn from win/loss history how to quantify conversion of potential and existing Opps.

Are you an Enterprise Risk Mgt. (ERM) tool?

No. We detect early warnings to help Salespeople correct course on the opportunity or avoid wasteful pursuits, Account Reps actively prevent churn and Risk Officers hedge their overall portfolio against losses

How do you accurately quantify risk of losses?

We correlate risk signals directly with business losses history (insurance losses, distressed loan, cyber-losses) to create a closed feedback loop similar to win/loss analysis in CRM.

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